The Lake area
At an altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level lies the unique lake Arey, on which different sides of the towering mountain ranges of Apple and Malkhanskiy. The length…

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Journey to the unique lake Natron
We know that on Earth there are many places with extreme habitat, which sometimes look quite harmless and friendly, but it is hardly possible to say something similar about lake…

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The Lake of Numto

Western Siberia, on the border of the Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous districts, there is an amazing place – a unique national Park Numto. A miracle of light, almost a virgin land that holds the memories of many generations of local people – Khanty, Mansi and forest. Since time immemorial people have been living here in harmony with nature. They don’t try to change it, and listen to wise counsel, and therefore survive in such a harsh climate. In the heart of the Park is the beautiful lake Numto. The lake is from ancient times considered sacred. The name itself – Numto, means God or heavenly lake. The outlines resemble a human figure, and the small island his heart and eyes. According to tradition near the lake you cannot fight, it is forbidden to fish. On the island the “heart” you can not tear the berries, and get on it only have the right men and children – there never was a woman’s foot.

According to the legend, the lake has become dropped on the ground the son of the Supreme heavenly God NUMA, Nameboy. Since then, the surrounding forests are inhabited with unseen beasts and miracles happen.

Long ago, in ancient times lived in these places deer, but not simple, and six-legged. They could easily outrun the most agile of hunters. And, if you know that you won’t get caught, and not a sin to play. Specially deer hunters allowed closer to her, and when people thought that the production already in hand, easily ran away into the forest, leaving the producer with nothing. Once the six-legged deer is too close to the herd of his fellows, ordinary four-legged deer, tamed by people. He was so huge that all homemade deer fled in terror. Decided to people: “Bully certainly need to catch!”. Best hunter in the camp started in pursuit of deer is a giant. Running on ski the solid crust, is about to catch the fleet-footed deer. Only made a hunter to a noose on the neck of the deer to throw, when suddenly he bent and gallop into heaven. At the same time skiing at hunter become light as a feather, from the ground came off, and he followed the deer soared. So both flew up to the firmament. Hunter turned to the Polar star, and the deer – in the constellation of the pillar. There are beautiful legends of the Northern peoples.

While the lake Numto, a truly magical place. Virgin taiga and impassable swamps, the pure water surface under the clear blue sky, ringing silence filled with whispers of the living forest. Wonderful and mysterious Northern land. The land of ancient legends and hidden legends.