Finland. The Territory Of Finland. Finland - information about the country: geography, climate, flora and fauna. Map of Finland
Climate, flora and fauna The climate of Finland is temperate, transitional to continental. The Finnish climate is much milder than you might think, given its Northern location. The average temperature…

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Rest on the small sea of Spain
Small sea is a unique lake of the Mediterranean sea In Spain (province of Murcia) is a unique so-called Small sea (Spanish name – La Manga del Mar Menor). This…

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Lake Baikal – the pearl of the world

Experienced travellers and people who are often traveling to different lands to travel, sometimes ask the question: where else would I need to visit, what places to visit? In the world, of course, such places are vast. Not enough for three lives, to all to visit. But there are special places which should visit everyone who competes for the title of a seasoned traveler.

One such place is lake Baikal. It is also called the pearl of the world. And it’s not just because more than a quarter of world reserves of very pure fresh water. In the first place — is a sacred space, impregnated with tremendous spiritual energy. About the uniqueness of lake Baikal is the presence of many endemic species in its waters. The best-known among endemic species — the Baikal seal, is a kind of a seal and a Baikal omul.

All year the lake attracts thousands and thousands of tourists and fishermen from Russia and from all over the world. Many people visit Baikal every year, regularly getting “recharged”. The peak of activity of tourists, fishing enthusiasts, scholars and tourists have, of course, in the summer, when people can wash and immerse yourself in the famous the purest Baikal water. The locals and the guides will gladly tell you old legends and that from ancient times passed down from generation to generation, and discoveries of the new time, which never ceases to surprise and delight of scientists and naturalists Baikal.

When visiting lake Baikal, it is impossible not to visit its largest island Olkhon. You will appreciate the originality of the local population, beautiful landscapes, famous delicious Baikal omul and, of course, the purity and clarity of the surrounding waters.

If you come to Baikal from Listvyanka, which is located at the source of the only river flowing from the lake, the Angara, then you certainly will show the legendary “shaman stone”, and tells a beautiful story about how beautiful Angara wanted to run away from her father Baikal to her favourite — the Yenisei.

Tan received, on the shores of lake Baikal, much more resistant than tan, brought from the South seas. Not to mention those impressions, which remain for life, it should only lightly touch the mystery of lake Baikal.