The Island of good will: The live popular countries-offshore — The Village — The Village
The journalists said. founder «Vkontakte» Pavel Durov received citizenship in popular offshore — Saint Kitts and Nevis. The country has a very flexible policy: it is enough to invest $250,000…

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The Lake of Plastira - Thessaly Switzerland
Map Lake Plastira - Thessaly Switzerland Lake Plastira (the official name of the Tavropos ) is an artificial lake . located in the mountains of Thessaly (kardítsa district), at an…

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Holiday on lake Zapolska

Vladimir region. The nature of this region — one of the most beautiful in Russia. The reserved forests of Meshchora, where grow in abundance mushrooms and berries, crystal clear lakes and rivers, fresh air — all this makes the rest of the city is perfect. Closeness to nature, tranquility, silence broken only by birdsong and the rustle of leaves, extremely beneficial to holidaymakers emotional balance, thereby restoring their health.

The pearl of the Vladimir nature is considered to be Zapolska lake, on the shore of which is situated the club hotel «vélez” – recreation. Great lake Zapolski, it is worthy of the brush of the artist and poetic odes! Crystal lake water transparent to the bottom, where amongst the seaweed, looking closer, you notice the fish. No wonder here love to ride those for whom the best rest — to sit with a fishing rod in the pond, to throw the spinning rod, and then to prepare a soup that a week those who “eat from dishes”, will discuss the pike-perch and pickerel, inevitably privirea their size.

Natural sandy beaches, well-appointed and supported by our employees, warmed by the summer sun, comfortable water temperature — such conditions are ideal for a beach holiday, where all the conditions for a relaxed and “felting” in the sun, and active play — for example, beach volleyball, and swimming. Indeed, “Veles” is a recreation lake .

Forest lake is full of life – squirrels, hares, grouse, foxes, wild boars and even moose! Bears and wolves have been reported, but the fans of hunting will find a worthy prey! 7 kilometres from residential buildings “vélez” to construct the base for hunters. Duck hunting and the enclosure of wild animals under the guidance of experienced Rangers will leave an unforgettable impression among hunters visiting “Veles”. Venison You can cook for yourself, or order them to our cooks.

The same applies to the extraction from the “hunting”. Here where is a Paradise for mushroomers and berry bushes! Given the ecological cleanness of the territory without fear You can eat “the fruits of their labors”, provided, of course, that is — and not the fly agaric toadstool. (Just kidding, of course, but in fungi to understand — it should!)

Here’s a recreation: forest lake virtually on the doorstep! A few minutes walk and You are at water. Here is not only good to lie on the beach after a swim, but wander along the shore, reveling in this “delicious” the air, sun glare on the water, the serene chirping of birds. Such walks can be called a fashionable term — SPA for the soul!

Like to ride bikes? All the conditions! It offers a good two-wheeled “machine”, instructors, track — all for a pleasant and useful stay. Maybe you want to ride on horseback? Never tried, but have dreamed about it half a lifetime? In the stables “vélez” instructors in horsemanship that will help You to quickly acquire the necessary skills for her, and how much fun You will get from communicating with these intelligent and friendly animals — horses! No wonder every year the increasing popularity is received hippotherapy — of the treatment of various ailments — physical and mental, with the participation of horses.

Not forgotten and fans of barbecue or barbecue: all that is required for this — 365 days a year to provide You our lake recreation . The climax of «shellycopenhave” can be considered as the annual barbecue festival held in the “Velez” in the height of summer.

Yes, of course it’s great recreation center, great lake . I have been on this ” great — the lake with small children? For families with toddlers have special sandy beach in shallow water: a flat bottom; the depth is small, fenced in area make the holiday as safe as possible. And how wonderful to make pure sand castles and cakes!

But we’re all about this short in our latitudes the summer? Well here in the winter and autumn, in spring, when nature awakens.

This is what our winter recreation: forest lake turns into a skating rink! Not original? But what fun! Under wonderful music it is so wonderful to glide, to race, to spin, to fabricate pirouettes! Skate rentals — of course provided, as well as skis, sledges, snowmobiles and stuff, stuff, stuff. After all, and winter — it’s so good! And winter is in the “Velez”, on lake Zapolsky — it is unforgettable!

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