The Lake area

At an altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level lies the unique lake Arey, on which different sides of the towering mountain ranges of Apple and Malkhanskiy. The length of this lake is more than three kilometers, stretching among magnificent pine and cedar forests, and its width is two miles. No river in the lake, the depth of which is thirteen and a half meters, not flows, and underground water is fed only salt water area.

The lake area has received the status of nature monument in 1980, and for environmentalists it is considered one of the most valuable places in the beautiful nature of the Zabaikalsk region. The keen interest of environmental organizations to the pond by the unique properties of water: salinity area is 250 mg/l – the amount of minerals in water is to a lesser degree, but also the lake water are bicarbonate, slightly alkaline and sodium-calcium-magnesium, which attests to their miraculous healing properties. With the filing of the population living in these places, the lake is planned to assign the status of natural protected state Park. The more that was discovered in the waters of a variety of clams – six species of which are listed in the Red book.


The lake area is surrounded by a picturesque forest, the shores are rich in vegetation where the ants had built a number of anthills. From the swamps, the sandy area fenced walls and bottom and covers the gray beach sand, so much heat over the summer sun that it hurts to stand on bare feet.

These places are good not only to relax and swim in the warm waters, but also for fishing. Great catch of silver carp, black and white cupids and verkhohliad tells waiting fans to stand on the shore with a fishing rod. Experienced fishermen catch here and the snakehead, kalugas, jelesarov and Amur pike.

Many tourists coming to the lake, in the forest collecting mushrooms and berries, of which there are many.

But primarily lake area is famous all over Russia as the place where you can tweak your health the dirt from the bottom of the reservoir and the water itself Areia cure skin diseases, including dermatitis and psoriasis, and also has a therapeutic effect in the healing process of venous ulcers. Due to the clean air and swimming in the waters of the lake, containing silver and iodine, people heal in these places lung disease, bronchitis and chronic cough, as well as enhance your immune system. The positive influence of the water of this natural monument has on the nervous and digestive systems.

The lake area is extracted mud and algae treatment that can be bought in the same village and obtain from the seller detailed instructions on how purchased by means of correct use.

In the upper reaches of the river Cybergun you can see the colorful rocky outcrops.

Near the pond is several medicinal springs, which the local population calls according to their medicinal properties: eye and heart, and the Creek on the southwest side of the lake the area is called Engannim.

There is a belief that if we go around the pond three times, you can not only enjoy the beautiful nature, but also to clear themselves earned for the life of sins.

Where to stay

Our tourists as “savages” or staying at resorts built on the shores of the area. The entrance to the reservoir on the cars is limited, Parking is permitted only from the village of Arey. Base of rest “area tour” and “Crystal” vehicles travel through its territory, which almost comes close to the shores of lake ban.

Recreation “Crystal” for travelers, not vacationers on the base, located on its territory and opposes very close to the base hangs a sign with a warning that travel is prohibited. “Ares-tour” still provides an opportunity to guests for 500 rubles to leave your car in the Parking lot and next to move to the lake on foot.

Two hundred meters from the lake were built hotel “Fire Dragon”, which has a café, sauna and gym.

How to get

Russia, Zabaykalsky Krai, Uletovsky district, the village of Areia.

The lake area is located 230 km from the city of Chita.

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