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The cool air even at the height of the short Northern summer, transparent glacial water, the spectacular scenery of the Icelandic plateau will appear before the traveller at strict beauty of the Northern nights. In Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland, with a population of only 16 thousand people, there is an interesting exercise as connoisseurs of the history of Scandinavian countries, as well as eternal pilgrims, travelling the globe in search of unexplored corners of nature. For historians will be valuable going to the Akureyri Church. and for sportsmen — acquaintance with incredibly deep lake Eskuvo.

Nature – the main wealth of Iceland

A little known cruel nature of Iceland, especially the part located beyond the Polar circle, where is the town of Akureyri: a long winter, summer is fleeting and dormant volcanoes. On one of these volcanoes and settled a volcanic lake Eskuvo.

The volcano Askja, which is a lake, is an active stratovolcano, is located in the center of the Iceland plateau in the national Park Vatnajokull. The volcano height is 1510 meters above sea level. After a huge eruption in 1875 the volcano’s Caldera was formed at the same time two lake Viti and Esquevin. The difference to honey them in that area a lot more Heckuvan lake Viti and is 11 kilometers, and depth — 220 m, is the deepest lake in all of Iceland.

Today the lake most of the year remains under the ice, unlike its neighbor, the average temperature ranges from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. Another difference between Heckuvan is located in the southern part of small island, which was formed after the next eruption in 1926. After that the volcano has repeatedly erupted lava flows, recent eruption is dated 1961. These volcanic lakes are the object of attention of volcanologists around the world, but all the secrets will be revealed soon.

Riddles lake Heckuvan

The lake is one still unsolved mystery. In the summer of 1907, two scientists-geologists from Germany attempted to examine the lake water and get other information about how the lake was formed. During the move, two scientists and the boat disappeared. The search for the missing, organized by the wife of one of the researchers, and failed. Under some assumptions, during the movement of the boat occurred landslides in the rock, resulting in the boat sinking, but is it? In any case, the lake Heckuvan is another natural heritage of Iceland and reaffirms the well-known truth that this Nordic country is not so boring as many claim.

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