What is the difference between lakes from seas, what is the difference

Most people have a vague understanding of the difference between the lake and the sea due to the historically-established names of the Caspian, Aral and Dead sea, actually being lakes, and lake Baikal, which the locals proudly call the sea, shocked by his size and magnificence.

The lake is a closed depression in the earth’s continental crust, which is filled with water. Lake waters belong to the land, along with rivers, swamps, glaciers and groundwater. A leader in the parameter area in the world is the Caspian sea, there is no depth of the reservoir equal to the Baikal. He is a key reservoir of fresh water for humans.

Lake classification is a consequence of how the lake deepening. Highlights – this is a tectonic lake that was the result of discontinuous horizontal or vertical movements of the earth’s crust. Over time, the fracture gap is filled with water. Thus was formed the lake Baikal, African lakes Nyasa and Tanganyika. With the lowering part of the continental plate due to the emergence of the Caspian and Aral seas.

Lakes are formed when the rock-fall. Thus perevarivaetsya the river bed, necessarily flowing in a mountain valley. A huge number of such lakes in the Pamir and in mountains of Asia Minor. It is known for its beauty barrier lake Synevyr in Ukraine.

Volcanic lakes appear in the craters of extinct volcanoes. They are deep, fascinating and beautiful, but rarely suitable for swimming due to the saturating water gas and acids.

Glacial lakes formed in mountain valleys, the cirques, the valleys by the melting of a mountain glacier. Another option is the appearance of these lakes is through the waters of Canada, Sweden, Finland and North Russia, remaining after the melting block of ice of the last epoch of glaciation.

Small oxbow lakes appear along the riverbeds of the rivers and estuary along the shoreline of the sea as a result of the overlapping of the Bay or estuary sand spits. Karst lakes occur as a result of failures of rocks due to their erosion by precipitation or groundwater.

Lakes can be salt or fresh water, wastewater or runoff. Waste waters share water with the World ocean through escaping from their rivers.

Sea is a structural unit of the World ocean. It is allocated in one of the oceans because of the difference in the hydrological regime, the availability of own current, unique flora and fauna of the reservoir in comparison with the “father” of the ocean. From him the sea can be separated by island arcs, Peninsula, underwater ridges resulting from the interaction of oceanic and continental crust.

Classification of seas is to assess the level of physico-chemical “close” sea and the ocean, to the pool where it belongs. Most of the marginal seas of the Earth. They are placed along the margins of continents and have a sufficient level of interaction of water masses, penetrating currents from the main ocean. Examples of these are seas Laptev sea, the Beaufort sea or the Tasman.

Inland sea cut deep into the land. It’s like they are clamped to the continental uplifts. A classic of the genre is Mediterranean, Marmara, Black and Azov sea. Due to the tightness and fineness of the Straits connecting them with the Atlantic ocean, these seas have minimalizirovany the exchange of water masses and its own system of currents. Of particular interest among the audience, loving the aquatic element, causes the Sargasso sea, which is located in the Western part of the Atlantic ocean and is devoid of traditional coastal line.

Lake waters belong to the mainland, and the sea is a part of the World ocean.

There are only sea salt, lake can be as fresh and generalizirovanny, salt water.

The number of seas is equal to 63, the number of lakes is still not counted. In Russia there are more than 2 million.

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