To go to the Crimea and to rejuvenate: near Kerch is a unique lake – Society – Official portal of Yekaterinburg

Official portal of Ekaterinburg continues a series of publications on useful for the mind and body out in Crimea. This time we will talk about the unique lake Chokrak with “rejuvenating mud”.

The word Chokrak is translated from Turkic as a spring, the key or source. But the water of this lake, located near Kerch, can not be called crystal key. It is opaque and unclear, but that’s why this place is visited by hundreds of tourists.

“Going to the lake, immersed in warm, velvety mass, which pleasantly envelops the body. Forgetting about everything, lay on the water like on an inflatable mattress. Blissfully happy, squint at the sun and watching traveling across the sky the clouds”, – describe their experiences of tourists.

Chokra mix unique in their composition: in addition to the brine, sludge slurry and hydrogen sulfide, in her education involved underwater mineral springs. Compared to the famous mud resort Saki, mud lake Chokrak has a higher concentration of silver and bromine. The healing properties of chokrakskoe mud helps in the treatment of arthritis, radiculitis, and skin diseases. Women are especially attracted by the possibility of cosmetic smoothing and rejuvenate the skin. In the XIV century miracle drug was delivered from Kerch to Kafa (Feodosia), where in effect the market of the slave trade. Before the sale of female captives daubed with mud to improve the quality “product”.

However, many people come to the lake with medical purpose and for fun: you can cover yourself from head to toe in black mass, to make hair horns and scare your friends, jumping out of the bushes. Or imprinted on a group photo in the company of cheerful “devils”. The isthmus width of 30-40 meters separates the fresh water lake Chokrak salt from the sea of Azov. A special treat – after a couple of minutes, to be on the gorgeous sandy beach with foamy sea water. A little after sitting on the shore, people plunge into the sea waves and easily wash off the viscous mucky lake.

In the summer on the isthmus between the lake and the sea in the Bay of the Marine Corps, a small tent city. Recently, the beach was improved:- put the toilet, changing room and shower. Rising to the top of the mountain of the Lord, where the remains of the antique settlement, you can breathe the scent of steppe grasses and see the curved arc of the bridge between the lake and the sea with colorful splashes of tourist tents.

To get to the “rejuvenating the lake” by bus # 69, which goes from the Kerch bus station to the village Resort from 06:00 to 18:00. The journey time is 25 minutes. From the Terminus to the lake Chokrak – three kilometers on foot. Swimming in the lake free.


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