The Lake Janisjarvi description and photo. Russia – Karelia Sortavala district (Sortavala reg)

In the South-West of Karelia is a wonderful and unique lake – lake Janisjarvi. People settled on the banks of this lake in the stone age. There was always a lot of fish, and the forests that surround the lake, always lived animals, which could hunt. Later, when people began to engage in agriculture and construction, some local residents have lived at the expense of processing the nearby lands are very fertile, and some – at the cost of deforestation. By the arrival of the sawmills many of the residents of the glorious lake began to live at the expense of the logging and rafting timber. At the bottom of the lake was found an unknown ore, and marble, which were brought to the surface and sold. The locals called the lake “the lake is the breadwinner”, because all their income was only from him. At that time no one wondered when, and under what circumstances did this wonderful lake is the breadwinner.

Close to the lake study, scientists began only in the twenties of the last century. Scientist Finnish geologist Eskola has studied thoroughly the lake and all the surrounding Islands. He found on the Islands and in the center of the lake is an unusual breed. The researcher suggested that these unusual rocks are the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred about 700 million years ago.

Other researchers believe that the lake Janisjarvi was formed as a result of a meteorite and that it is nothing but a broken meteorite crater. In favor of this hypothesis say the vitreous rocks are dark green and dark grey plates that are here in large numbers. Another circumstance evidence in favor of this hypothesis is that the lake is located in the hollow depth of about 80 meters and a width of okolo kilometers. The average depth of the lake is 11.6 meters, and the highest 57 meters. Such options could happen as a result of a meteorite / asteroid. Indeed, many species found here consists of minerals that could have formed only as a result of the impact of a huge meteorite on the surface of the Earth. Anyway, the opinions of scholars agree that the age of the Janisjarvi lake has about seven million years!

The ancient history of this unusual lake attracts still scientists, researchers and curious tourists. However, in addition to scientific interest, it attracts primarily for its extraordinary beauty. Around him there are forty-three picturesque Islands. The lake itself is calm, with a very clean, transparent water which is inhabited by fish and other aquatic inhabitants. Avid fishermen tell us that there are roach, pike, bream, perch, whitefish, ruff, burbot, salmon – a total of about 14 species. The lake is able to please and surprise the most demanding fisherman.

Surrounded by rocky, rocky shores covered by forest. Untouched nature, ancient forests, fresh air and the calm surface of the water under deep blue sky – that’s what opens the eye when approaching the lake.

The lake itself is oval in shape, a bit elongated towards the North and the South. In the Western side of the lake adjacent to the two big Bay is Concealability and Circulati. In the South side, too, there are two gulfs: Almalfi and Ravennamosaico. From the lake, on the South side flows the river Janisjoki. due to rocky terrain, the river turned to rapids and very scenic at the end of its journey the river flows into lake Ladoga. But the lake itself replenishes its water reserves from 20 small streams and rivers.

Visited this place the tourists say that it looks like a Swiss lake. Anyway, this is the place for everyone who is tired of the city bustle, from the noise of civilization. Here, surrounded by picturesque virgin nature, you can relax, gain strength, think about the greatness of nature and to understand that we are part of it, part and parcel of that eternal beauty and harmony.


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