Lake Louise (Lake Louise) in Banff national Park (Canada)

Lake Louise (Lake Louise) is located in Banff national Park in Canada, the southern canadian Rockies. The lake area is 0.8 sq km, a length of about 2 km, width 0.5 km Its unusual bright color water in it has acquired through the rock brought by streams from the glaciers. First, the lake was named Emerald, but it was later renamed lake Louise in honor of Princess Louise – daughters of Queen Victoria and wife of the Governor-General of the canadian colonies of great Britain.

In 1882, Tom Wilson, one of the experts who built the Canadian Pacific Railway in the area of the village of Laggan (the former name of the station Lake Louise), once he heard a distant noise, and the Indian guide informed him that the drone emits a huge white mountain that rises above the “lake of little fishes”. When the next morning Tom Wilson went there, we found a beautiful lake, surrounded by the majestic Rocky mountains, with snow-capped peaks and bright green forest on the picturesque slopes. He later recalled: “for Some time we sat silently, unable to look away from the brilliant beauty of the landscape that unfolded in sparkling glacier”.

Near the lake is more than the number of small lakes, waterfalls and trails to them.

With ecology here things well, and around the lake there is a lot of any living creatures.

In the lake there are a number of hotels, campsites and tourist bases. The largest of the local hotels – the five-star Fairmont Chateau on the shores Lake Louise.

The local tourist industry offers entertainment for every taste: Hiking, horseback riding and Biking trails, Golf, tennis, dog sledding and ice skating, climbing, Canoeing, rafting. Near the lake there is a large ski resort (season from early November to mid-may).

The residents of nearby cities have chosen this picturesque place for weddings.

If you decide to visit these places, first you have to get on the plane to calgary and then by bus (3 hours drive) to the village of Lake Louise and the lake. Leading here railroad is now closed for the standard passenger transport, but it go on special tourist trains, the Windows of which you can admire the beauty of Banff Park.

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