The Most amazing lakes in the world - unusual places of the planet - Sea Facts
On our planet a great number of lakes, created by nature. But some of her creations are not only beautiful but also very unusual. Not coincidentally, they are among the…

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Lakes of Italy
Today we will take a short tour of lakes in Italy. Here you will find a description of the largest lakes, such as Garda, Como and others. Italian lake holidays…

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Kurgan “veterans” asking for Kokorin to protect the unique lake

KURGAN, August 14, RIA FederalPress. In Kurgan activists of the “popular front” asked the Governor of the region Alexey Kokorin to protect the local bear lake and Little bear in the Petrovsky district.

Social activists urged the Governor to take measures for the protection of the unique properties of these natural objects. TRANS-Ural activists drew attention to the problem of healing of bear lake, where for several years the poachers on a large scale produce precious and rare biological resources – the eggs of the crustacean Artemia.

“We had a constructive discussion, all participants came to the conclusion that in respect of the natural object necessary to produce expert studies, which are urgently needed in light of recent developments in this unique ecosystem: decreased density of water, and last winter for the first time in the history of bear lake is frozen,” – said the head of the regional working group on environmental issues and the protection of forests Olga Gordienko.

Also at the request of the “veterans” of the state unitary enterprise “Resorts of the Urals”, in whose Department there is “bear Lake”, prepared analysis of the current state balneological resourceuser. In help says that since 1998, the physico-chemical composition of the mud is constantly changing, which has led to the deterioration of the quality indicators.

“We were very lucky that on the territory of Kurgan region is a unique source of natural mud and microorganisms. Rationally disposing of such a valuable resource, not only do we save them for posterity, but will multiply to the benefit of his native Urals,” – said co-Chairman of the regional headquarters of the popular front in the Kurgan region Sergey Petukhov.

In sent to the Governor recommendations, “veterans” are encouraged to have the examination, which will determine the influence of the quantity of Artemia on the properties of therapeutic mud and its ability to restore and reproduction, and to initiate the temporary reduction of quotas for fishing activity in the lakes with the aim of restoring populations of the crustacean Artemia.