Mysterious lakes in the world
It is known that on 18 may 1960 three priests saw loadingrow monster in Lough REE, Ireland. This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In…

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What is the difference between lakes from seas, what is the difference
Most people have a vague understanding of the difference between the lake and the sea due to the historically-established names of the Caspian, Aral and Dead sea, actually being lakes,…

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Book your excursion to Montenegro by train

Tour by Train

Globtour Montenegro, leading tour operator Montenegro,presents You an exciting journey through the natural beauty of Montenegro.

Enjoy the breathtaking Moraca canyon. You will head North by train and enjoy the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Moraca river from the height of bird flight. Then You go back to the bus and then the journey will continue to the very narrow and deep places of the canyon.

The railway linking the towns of Bar and Belgrade, with a length of 476 km, is one of the most impressive mountain Railways in Europe. The former President of Yugoslavia-Josip Broz Tito was traveling along this railway by his blue train. The train was used to entertain famous guests who have visited Yugoslavia. Arafat, Brezhnev, Nehru, Nasser, Mitterand and Brandt. 175 km the railroad owns the land of the Black mountains.


From Budva bus to Bar

We’ll drive from Budva by bus. On the way to Bar we will pass by the most beautiful places on the coast of Montenegro: Becici, Milocer, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac and Sutomore. Sandy and pebble beaches along the Montenegrin coast string together like a pearl necklace.

From Bar to Kolasin by train

In the Bar we will take you to the upgraded train, air-conditioned, and go on one of the most beautiful Railways in Europe, crossing the most beautiful lake in the Balkans – national Park Skadar lake. The journey starts with the tunnel Sozina, with a length of 6.2 km. Then we drive past the fishing village of Virpazar on the Skadar lake. In 1952 Virpazar across the lake there was a bridge. Later on it was also used for the railway. Around the bridge you can see structures that were witness of Montenegrin history. churches, monasteries, fortresses, villages; and wild vegetation, in particular reeds. Then, through the Zeta valley we will continue our way to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. Soon the train will be circling along the right Bank of the Moraca river, rising higher up the canyon – from 12 meters in the Bar meters to 1032 in Kolasin. The train also crosses the highest bridge of Europe – 201 meter – over Mala Rijeka, the bridge stands on piers and made of steel. The bridge is slightly curved, so one can estimate its height. For safety reasons, the train goes very slowly, so You have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Lunch at Kalasina

In Kolasin, we leave the train and have lunch in the city centre. Kolasin is a very famous resort for both summer and winter holidays in the continental part of Montenegro. It is located at the foot of mount Bjelasica Kolasin, the green in Montenegro.

Return from Kolasin to Budva

After lunch we take off to visit the Moraca monastery, which was built in 1252. After visiting the monastery we will start the return journey through the canyon Moraca, Podgorica, Skadar lake and the mountain pass Pastrovici mountain, where you can enjoy a panoramic view on lake Skadar, on the one hand, and on the other a view of the Adriatic sea.

Question on fishing in the North Karelia June 2014. Jeep-botflies travelers - JEEP 4x4 CLUB
Good day, friends! Was going fishing for the June holidays with two crews (my Jeep with good sneakers and X-Trail - civilian). In the presence of a Flagship and -450…


Unique lake Boksitogorsky district, Leningrad region
The supply of fresh water Petrodvorets, Lomonosov, the red Village is due to extraction of groundwater. In particular, Krasnoselskii water system water is supplied from captaia, created on the basis…


Big Lake - View local history information
Great Lake The village is a Large Lake located in Pavlodarskom the Gorky village Council district. Northern forest-steppe. North-East from Omsk to 80 km, 30 km South-West from the district…

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