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On our planet a great number of lakes, created by nature. But some of her creations are not only beautiful but also very unusual. Not coincidentally, they are among the most beautiful places of our planet and become landmarks of the countries in which they are located. Here are some of them.

Lake Morning Glory

The lake is a Morning glory in Yellowstone National Park (USA). It is a very unusual body of water: the highlight of it is that it has a non uniform bright color and shape of the bottom in the form of pipes. The lake received the poetic name in the 19th century; it then was a beautiful bright purple color. The rumor about wonder lake quickly spread through the world, and the lake became the attraction of these places. Some come to admire the beauty of the lake were throwing coins to come back again, others garbage. All this led to the fact that the heat source that feeds the lake, was clogged; the water multiplied microorganisms, which resulted in a color change. The water itself is very transparent, and the color changes depending on the weather, temperature and number of microorganisms in the water.

Ink lake

Ink lake is located in Algeria (its other names – “the inkwell”, “the eye of the devil”, “black lake”). It is filled with real ink, which are exported to different countries of the world. Surprisingly, the ink lake is a natural creation.

Many local residents of the neighborhood of such a lake is no pleasure. They believe that it is the work of the devil, which deprived people of clean water and food. It is clear that in this poisonous water, saturated concentrated ink, can’t found anything alive.

But how did the ink reservoir? Scientists have found that it is fed by two rivers. In the first a lot of the dissolved iron salt and the second organic compounds from nearby swamps. Connecting in the lake, the waters of the rivers enter into the chemical reaction, and formed ink.

The pink lake

The pink lake located in Australia. This is a strikingly beautiful creation of nature! The combination of the lush greenery of the dense coastal forests, pristine yellow sand beach and bright pink waters of the lake create a magnificent picture! Why is the water always that color? Scientists assume that the color of the lake depends on the amount of bacteria and microorganisms living in the pond. The water is saltier than the ocean. In the cooler months, when the water level in the lake is high, color it pink. On hot days the evaporation of water increases the concentration of salts increases, and the lake has a more dense color.

Asphalt lake

Asphalt lake on the island of Trinidad. It is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. How it fills a pavement? At great depth there is oil, which breaks through the mouth of this mud volcano, volatile substances from erode, and the asphalt remains. Not coincidentally, this lake is also called “mother lake”! Every year, it produces 150 000 tons of pure asphalt, which is not only on the construction of the country, but also exported to other countries. In all the years from the lake produced six million tons of asphalt, and its level fell by only a few tens of centimeters.

The lake of death

The lake of Death is on the island of Sicily. It is considered the most lifeless and dangerous body of water on our planet. There are no living creatures, even on the banks grow trees or grass. Moreover, the water in no event cannot be touched! Dared to do it, instantly experiences severe pain and receives burns to the skin.It turns out that the water of this lake dissolved sulfuric acid in a quantity sufficient to kill all life in the County. Scientists have found that at the bottom of the lake there are two sources from which knocked out large flows of sulphuric acid.

Lake Abraham

Lake Abraham in Canada. It is an amazing sight in the winter months, when the water freezes. The surface of all ice is composed of frozen bubbles. The fact is that on the bottom of the lake throughout the year living algae that produce methane. Its bubbles rise to the surface and freeze at different levels, forming a fantastic picture. These gorgeous icy landscape to the lake attract many tourists and photographers from around the world.

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