Rest on the small sea of Spain

Small sea is a unique lake of the Mediterranean sea

In Spain (province of Murcia) is a unique so-called Small sea (Spanish name – La Manga del Mar Menor). This is a kind of lagoon, which is limited from the Mediterranean sea by a strip of sand, i.e. is in reality a lake. The length of the spit is 20 km from the sea width varies from 50 to 500 meters.

Features Small sea

Thanks to this feature, at the same time you can swim in two seas, the Small sea is so salty that, while it is impossible to drown. Mediterranean sea and Small sea here in Spain are characterized by absolute purity, and nearby there is no industry.

Small sea is the largest European salt lake, there is more than 50 magnificent beaches. The main feature of the lake is a small depth, a complete lack of waves, constantly warm water. Adds to the local flavor of the mild climate, the pleasant sea breeze, constant sunshine and absolutely clear water.

Family vacation on the Small sea

Particularly popular is the Small sea to conduct a leisurely family vacation, because of its small depth and lack of waves allows even young children to enjoy swimming. On the coast there are many tourist centers and hotels of different level, so tourists can choose the best option.

In addition to the perfect beach holiday the coast of Murcia, offers tourists amazing natural parks. These include San Pedro del Pinatar, Salinas. In particular, Salinas is famous for its feathered residents, tourists arrive to see the pink flamingos. Also in the Park are laid Hiking trails of different difficulty, many end up on the Mediterranean coast.

You should look in the Park “Cala Blanca”, a feature which is Golden sandy beaches, beautiful bays and picturesque ravines. It is always overcrowded, so you can safely enjoy the beauty of local nature.

If you are planning a family vacation on the Small sea, must think of a visa to Spain. Without her to visit this wonder of the world will not work.

Thalassotherapy on the Small sea

The coast of the Small sea – the famous thalassotherapy centre. Thalassotherapy – the direction in medicine, where treatments of diseases using salt water together with sea mud and algae. Local sea water contains many minerals, iodine, and the mud has a truly healing properties. The simultaneous use of these components allows you to truly relax and get rid of several diseases.

So, on the Small sea successfully treated psoriasis, various diseases of spine, joints. On the effectiveness of local dirt and salt is not inferior to the famous Dead sea, staying here is more comfortable and safe.

Active rest on the Small sea of Spain

For tourists who prefer active rest, Small sea ready to offer a variety of entertainment. You can arrange a swim, Canoeing, walk on the sea under sail or enjoy water skiing, surfing or Windsurfing. Also operates sea school “Cabo de Palos”, which offers training programs both for beginners and for more experienced hikers.

Resting on the Small sea, worth a visit coastal fishing villages, where the small cafe. Here there is always seafood, and the best of them is “the pot Small sea” is a traditional dish of the fishermen of Cartagena. It includes a fish broth with rice, and the dish itself is delicious richness and flavour.

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