Iridescent glow lakes Morning Glory

In one of the corners of Yelowstone reserve (Wyoming), famous for its geysers and thermal springs, is the most amazing multi-colored lake on Earth, which I was lucky to see in my life.

Such an unusual name it received thanks to Elizabeth McGowan, the wife of the Manager of the local land in the nineteenth century. In those days, the lake water was a bright blue color with yellow, sometimes orange trim, and the woman drew attention to the fact that it really is like the flower of a Morning Glory . featuring bright blue colors and quirky twisted shape.

On the way I met a rather cheerful Americans, who continually picked on me by the local saying: “if you Want to survive — get in the hole”. At first, to be honest, I don’t really understand what it was about, but the guys explained to me that the seismic situation in this region is quite unstable. Every year it shakes bad, but people exaggerate the rumor of the imminent the powerful volcanic eruption of Yellowstone. Together mocking is characteristic of some people to alarmism, we walked towards the lake.

When I looked at this natural creation for the first time, I was speechless and just stood there for a few minutes. Slightly moving away from hypnotic influence, my mind flashed a rapid and loud “it’s amazing, inimitable!” . It’s a natural aquatic education with its small dimensions will certainly give odds to any arbitrarily huge and beautiful artificial lake.

About half an hour I was walking around catching the angles, observed the constantly fluctuating and moving surface. Each burst of the water surface was like a sigh of a living organism. According to one local guide, the water here can warm up to almost 100 degrees Celsius . and sometimes some lucky ones can witness the wildness and even the explosion of the surface. Unfortunately, I failed to see such. (but the same guide States that when in the air are towering multi-colored water jets, the lake the Morning Glory is very similar to the famous singing fountains, well except no sound.

As exquisite coloring, then it is first tried visitors, and then throwing a parting coins and sometimes even garbage, but after the source backed up, it took different organisms: cyanobacteria, fungi, algae, mosses and unicellular microorganisms. So, kind of escultura led to the emergence of the wonderful sights, world famous.

Local Rangers regularly attempt to clean the source, in order to give it the original look. In the meantime, we all want to have the opportunity to enjoy the unique and extremely beautiful source of iridescent and diverse colors, oddly enough, filled with perfectly clear water.

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