Red North

Red North

Residents are invited to the Salt lake

In the South of the Tyumen region can improve your health and get on with the business.

On the healing properties of this unique lake is compared to the Dead sea and the resort of Matsesta in Sochi, but in its territory there is no organized recreational areas or even a small mud baths.

In another two-day press tour in the Tyumen region, the journalists of the Northern regions showed more than a dozen sites for potential investors and by the example of already implemented projects, spoke about opportunities for business.

For example, in Berdusco district eleven prepared investment sites. Because the district is agricultural, the majority of them are intended for the development of animal husbandry. The district has also many lakes, 28 of them are rich in fish, which requires processing facilities. Four lakes are identified for production and processing of organic fertilizer – sapropel.

But one of the most interesting proposals is the creation of a recreational complex on a unique Salty lake, which is located near the village Okunevo. The salt level is so high that it is called the dead – fish is not found there. According to old people, during the great Patriotic war lake water was poured in special stone containers and evaporated in the sun, getting salt.

– In this lake will not sink. Lie on the water, as on an inflatable mattress, – the local resident tells. I’ve got a kid quickly learned to swim here. And after bathing in it on the body to instantly heal all wounds and scratches.

The main value of the lake – its healing mud. In former times in a rural hospital she was treated in the community. Now in the village remained only the PLL and the people on the old memory go to the lake alone to improve health. Every year it attracts more and more vacationers this summer on the territory of the lake there were about two hundred cars. People put up tents and live there for weeks. Close – only fifty metres from a fresh water lake where you can sit with a fishing rod, swim. A little further is a forest rich in mushrooms and berries. And in the neighboring village, you can get hold of fresh products.

– Sverdlovsk scientists have conducted studies and found that the mud of the lake is Salty treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and skin diseases, help against infertility, promote the rapid knitting of the bones after fractures. The reserves of peat deposits are estimated at approximately two million cubic meters. Can also be used for therapeutic brine baths. The Salt lake is the greatest natural treasure Bergeskog district. We are interested on its base appeared recreational complex, – says the head of the district Viktor Rhine.

Potential investors are deterred by the lack of roads, power lines and gas supply. But, if there are willing to implement the project, the authorities promise to carry out communication.


In the city of the famous author journalists, especially, showed the Museum is one of them. By the way, there are other exhibits on display is the book “the little humpbacked Horse” in the Khanty language, translated by our colleague, chief editor of the newspaper “Luh AVT” Gennady Calcium.

An ancient city founded in the 17th century, today has become a comfortable and modern takes on these indicators in the field of leadership. In isim offers 43 different sites for investors, and production. Assistance in the implementation of projects is provided by the regional Department of investment policy and the local authority. For example, one of the largest projects – a plant for deep processing of wheat, which will provide the region with domestic raw materials instead of expensive imported ones. From grain to obtain valuable lysine – essential feed additive in animal husbandry and gluten used in baking. In addition, the plant intends to produce annually up to 20 million liters of alcohol.

– The authorities provide financial assistance for lease payments, help in registration of land, documents. Everything is done very quickly, – said the Deputy Director of the agricultural holding “Jubilee” Oleg Yarovikov.

Another major object – confectionery factory “the Slad”. Now there will be reconstructed the shop to double the output of up to two thousand tons per month. Soon will install the new line. Industrial production of sweets in this shop is scheduled for November.

Candy factory “Slad” are in demand not only among the residents of the Tyumen region, but also in other regions.

And at the plant of a fish processing still a lot of work. While here ready for a small workshop where, in addition to local fish, processed and Yamal.


In abatskij area investors invest in roadside service. This has a busy Federal highway. “Catherine’s path” – so called the new camp, located at the border with the Omsk region, because here once passed the path of the exiled to hard labor. The plans of the local authorities to recover the fragment of an ancient tract as a historic landmark will attract tourists.

Logistics is very good, location good. We are the first at the entrance to the Tyumen region. Priuralsky change time zones just here takes place, – stressed the Director of the company “birch” Nikolai Savin. – The locals even have a tradition – to celebrate New year twice: once in Abatsky, the second one leaving the track.

According to the businessman, the day passes more than 18 thousand vehicles. The project costs 100 million rubles. The regional authorities helped to take a soft loan. In addition to a café, it also features a hotel, where truckers and travelers can relax.

Meanwhile, the authorities are ready to provide platform for the projects and for farming. Nine sites are already waiting for entrepreneurs.

– With the imposition of sanctions and the transition to import substitution agriculture began to develop even better, – says the head of the administration of Abinskogo district Igor Vasiliev. It’d even extended for a year, ‘ he jokes.


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