The Witch lake and oak Pugachev
Curioso Turisto correspondent visited the reserve "Mari Chodra" and was convinced that journeys through unknown parts of Russia are fraught with many interesting and unexpected discoveries. While exchange rates are…

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The Lake of Samara and the Volga Federal district
Volga Federal district is a territory adjacent to the Volga or close to it situated, economically and geographically adjacent to it. Within the Volga region allocated comparatively upbeat with the…

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Question on fishing in the North Karelia June 2014. Jeep-botflies travelers – JEEP 4×4 CLUB

Good day, friends!

Was going fishing for the June holidays with two crews (my Jeep with good sneakers and X-Trail – civilian).

In the presence of a Flagship and -450 15-Mercury.

I want to catch: Grayling, whitefish, trout . Arctic char, pike, big perch.

Themselves mainly fished in the South of lake Ladoga.

I want to see new places. catch delicious fish (not blanks). have a great time with friends and dad.

Review for fishing lake.Kent – but it is not clear yet, as there reach. Perhaps leaving the car in the nearest village.

The second option is Pyaozero. The area of the Nape, Castingi or Sofporog.

Accommodation in tents.

Called the base at the Nape – they said that huntsman’s service to use when renting a house. And the price tag of the house, from my point of view, is not humane.

Maybe someone else will advise. Preferably with passwords and appearances!

If anyone can or knows someone who is local (hunters) who could show a Parking lot (way to explain it), recommendations, and more importantly to catch her? Maybe on the first day to walk with us. Naturally for reasonable remuneration.

Generally welcome any information. on any lakes(rivers). Provided always, that it was known for grayling and Reds!

Thanks in advance.

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Sanych . Pyaozero – gorgeous place. not quite North, but not South. Regarding Parking on the Eastern side there is only one place where you can drive up to the water. this lip Urbicande. before reaching Sareena km 10. The route: up to Louhi then to Kestenga, etc. on the Nape of the order of 60-70 km is the distance plan that will drive hours for 3 (three). there are a couple problem areas for puzomerok, but with the head pregabaline. you should have a Navigator to understand where you are and about which way to go at forks. THERE are fish, there is NO Connection, the Bears ARE. Pyaozero often stormy – we Sit in Zip and go to lumby. There is perch and pike. The nape has a shop that can get hold of gasoline. but getting gasoline and food is best in Lohah. Bring Garbage bags. Please. do not leave or bury rubbish – take it to Kastengui. There will be questions ask.

In the West Bank NAT.Park paanajärvi. often travels the inspections, police. to catch in the mouths of the rivers impossible. but the place for Parking there, but I’m across the river was not.

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