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Slovenia was once part of Yugoslavia, but in contrast to their nearest neighbors managed with no one to fight, to preserve and to multiply the created under socialism the excellent infrastructure of recreation.

Slovenia today is a developed European country with comfortable hotels, thermal pools, saunas and beauty centres, modern highways, which are worn latest, highly polished, model European small car, a pretty Alpine villages scattered among the picturesque landscapes.

By the way, about the level of development of Slovenia and its credibility in the international arena is evidenced by the fact that it is one of 14 countries whose citizens can enter the U.S. without a visa.

Slovenia borders Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

It combines geographical and cultural characteristics of the Mediterranean, the Alps and Central Europe. There is a stark contrast of the local landscapes and the amazing variety of climatic zones – one hour you can be transported from the steep cliffs of the Julian Alps past picturesque valleys, waterfalls and glacial lakes, on the Adriatic coast.

Julian (Julian) Alps is a mountain range, a spur of the Alps, located in the Slovenian countryside Carniola.

The Julian Alps are in the North-Western part of Slovenia in Italy, and also borders with the southern part of Austria.

The mountains name comes from Gaius Julius Caesar, who founded in the region of Friuli and a Very Western Roman province with capital Cividale.

An area of picturesque Julian Alps is pristine forests, clean lakes and pastoral landscapes.

Here lies Triglav national Park – the only reserve in the Julian Alps, on whose territory the famous ski resorts in Bohinj, bled and Kranjska Gora.

This region of the Julian Alps is decorated with two exceptional beauty of the lakes – bled and Bohinj.

Lake bled with its legendary island in the middle, dominated by a mighty castle, with rills and springs, as well as a friendly climate for many centuries here beckons many secular people. Magnificent beach, hotels with pools, Hiking trails, tennis courts and fields for playing Golf, casino, airport in the village of Lesce, as well as neighbouring natural and cultural sites – and there are numerous reasons to visit this unique lake.

Get closer to the Alps.

On the high Bank of lake bled on a rock lurking old Bled castle.

The castle is not only beautifully preserved on the outside, but also impresses with its interior.

But the exposition, in my opinion, extremely poor. On the other hand, to study here and no time for a stay at the lake one day.

All roads lead Slovenia to lake bled.

It is located on the territory of the national Park of Triglav, and surrounded on all sides by mountains and forests, so here its own microclimate: in the summer sun and warm weather and the water in the lake warms up well, but autumn and winter it rarely rains and fogs. The lake is situated at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, it reaches a depth of 31 meters, length – about 2 km. the Lake is fed by warm springs warming in the summer to 24 degrees and freezing only in the cold winter.

The lake water is mineral and very pure.

Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the lake. So we go to the only Slovenian island on a special boat “hand-drawn”, which is called “pletna”.

On the island is the Church of the assumption, which gives the island a certain completeness and solemnity, akin to a candle in a birthday cake.

The interior of the Church impresses!

I did not expect to see such luxury is not in the Metropolitan Cathedral and on a small island in the lake, surrounded by forests of the Julian Alps.

Admire once again the lake, its emerald of the purest mineral water in which swans and seen a huge mountain trout:

Say goodbye to lake Bled and go to lake Bohinj, on the way making a stop at the waterfall Savica.

Lake Bohinj too, with crystal clear water and mirror trout, the fishing of which is strictly limited.

Already it offers views of the legendary Tregare – a symbol of Slovenia.

These three prongs depicted in the coat of arms of Slovenia.

Triglav (2863 m), the highest peak of the country.

This mountain is the highest in the Julian Alps.

The early Slavs believed the mountain was home to three-headed deity who ruled the sky, earth and underworld.

Since the Habsburgs had made one pilgrimage to Triglav. In these days of Triglav appears on the national flag of Slovenia. Tours in the Alps made by thousands of aspiring climbers and fans of extreme sports.

Next time I’ll talk about visiting Venice and Trieste, which makes it easy to reserve directly with resort coast of Slovenia.

I little Slovenia seemed worthy of attention even the most experienced traveler.

Good luck in your journeys!

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