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Borovoe in Kazakhstan

View of lake Borovoe (Auliekol) from the mountain Okzhetpes, and in the middle of the lake – the rock

In the North of Kazakhstan, two hundred kilometers from the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana. is the national Park Burabay (Borovoe) , has long been dubbed “Switzerland of Kazakhstan” because of the beautiful scenery on the kokshetausky height. The Park was arranged in the two thousandth year, and includes large areas of pine forests, lakes and fourteen unusual bizarre rock formations full of legends.

Burabay, the name originated from the people – was in the legends and legends of the Kazakhs white camel Borax, always warn people of dangers. People heard a loud roar of Borax, gathered his armor and had time to prepare for the attacks of enemies.

The formation of this resort village is now considered the beginning of the twentieth century – in 1910 was built the first sanatorium – kumysopitiya. The most famous lakes of this region – Auliekol (Burabay), Shortandy area (Shchuchye), Kotirkol. But no less attractive and transparent waters and other lakes – Szavakkal, Aynakol, Chanakkale(chebache).

There is a legend about the creation of this Paradise:

…the Creator made the earth, settled people and began to distribute natural wealth – forests, mountains, seas, lakes, rivers and plains. All seeded, and only the Kazakhs got an infinite bare steppe. The steppe inhabitants cried out, asking the Creator for the beautiful nature, rich pastures and fertile land – is it possible to live in the steppe and desert to the whole nation. And then the Creator realized that he had accidentally hurt this noble and peace-loving nomadic people. He looked in his bag to keep the natural wealth, and there – only remnants of the mountains, some beautiful woods, a dozen or two of cool rivers and lakes. But the best of everything. Creator shook the remnants from his bag in the middle of the steppe, and turned out beautiful in the world Urochishche Burabay.

One of the famous and mysterious lakes in coniferous-deciduous open spaces of Burabay is the lake Auliekol(Burabay). Right in the middle of this lake is the rock, as if emerging from the lake, this rock zhumbaktas (Mystery rock). Any way not to look at this rock, you can see the mysterious images – on one side the rock look like a young girl with flowing hair, with

the other hand – on a boat, with the third – old…

According to one legend, the only daughter of Bai, a beautiful and smart, met a talented young bard. Young fell in love with each other, but knowing the nature of the father, not wishing to become related with a poor young man, decide to run away together. Lovers hiding in the picturesque places of lake Kamyskol. Angered by the girl’s father sends after them a pursuit. Soon the brothers find a young beauty, and treacherously killed the young man when they swam close to the boat to the shore. Heartbroken girl asks God to turn it with the boat in the rock. Hearing the desperate plea of a girl in love, the heavens turn it into a huge mysterious rock in the middle of the lake.

Near the Rock, near the city of Kokshetau, is not less famous mountain Okzhetpes . sung in folk songs and legends. “OK Zhetpes” means “reach boom”, the height of this mountain is really beyond the reach of arrows. Many legends tell of this mountain. Here is one of them.

In the old days in one of the villages was born a boy, who grew leaps and bounds. By ten, he was so high and strong that it put into the arrow barely reached his chest, so it is popularly called “Okzhetpes”. He was strong and powerful so that there was not an animal who could have endured him, so he tamed the elephant. The legendary hero has saved their lands from attacks of enemies. One day, after a brutal battle, the warrior lay down to rest near the shores of the lake and was overtaken by hordes of enemies. Not wanting to give up into the hands of the enemy, Okzhetpes prayed, asking vsevyshnego to turn it into a rock, picks up an elephant, raised above his head and then turns into unattainable for the arrows rock – Okzhetpes.

About the beauty of the tract Borovoe written many poems, made up of legends and created a lot of scientific articles – on the edge you can talk endlessly…

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