Mysterious lakes in the world

It is known that on 18 may 1960 three priests saw loadingrow monster in Lough REE, Ireland. This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In 2011, scientists conducted a search expedition, which received media coverage. All these facts only fueled public interest in the lakes. So I suggest you take a journey through the ten most mysterious lakes in the world, where monsters have been seen, the existence of which is not currently proven.

Medvezh’i ozera, Russia

Eyewitnesses claim that this mysterious lake is haunted by a creature feeding on livestock. According to the local shepherd, a monster with a small head and a giant mouth came out of the water and swallowed a whole cow. However, ichthyologists have investigated the lake and has denied all the rumors about the existence of the monster.

Loch Morar, Scotland

Local residents say they saw in the lake a huge creature. Interestingly enough, it even earned the nickname «SIDS». However, the analysis of Loch Morar showed nothing, so one can only assume that SIDS is the real fiction that you created in the “boom dinosaur” and “success” of the famous monster — Nessie.

Lake Brosno, Russia

Eyewitnesses claim that the monster is very much like a lizard, resembling a plesiosaur. As a rule, most of them tell in words about the monster, but several even managed to photograph the lizard. However, the official facts of the monster’s existence at the moment.

Lake Champlain, USA — Canada

Local monster for the first time written by the witness, the Sheriff is named Nathan Mooney in 1883. He claimed that he had seen on the lake a huge black snake about 50 meters long. In 1977 the tourist Sandra Mansi was lucky, and she managed to capture on film the camera head, neck and back monster. The locals nicknamed the monster “Champ”. But recent eyewitness accounts indicate that the monster “Champ” on the back is about five humps.

The lake Storsjön, in the province of jämtland County, Sweden

The mysterious local inhabitant of the lake — a huge lizard, the first information of which appeared in 1635. Evidence of its existence have long been absent, and he was considered normal in medieval legend, but in the early 2000s, local media provided information about what the monster saw the two girls. Initially they simply did not believe, however, after some time on the lake found traces of enormous size, and to determine their owner still failed. There is also evidence that lake scientists have put a giant trap for the lizard.

The lake Kok-Kol, Dzhambul region, Kazakhstan

Eyewitnesses claim that this mysterious lake Kok-Kol inhabits a giant (at least fifteen meters long) is a bloodthirsty monster that drags under water animals and birds. The locals have even nicknamed the monster “water spirit Aydahar”.

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Province, China

In 1985, the students of the local University for the first time noticed a huge living creature. A little later appeared, the rumors that constantly picks up the beast under the water birds and animals. In the 90 years monster showed no signs of life. However, in 2011, several witnesses claimed to have seen the creature rose to the surface. One of them even managed to capture the monster on camera.

Lake Labynkyr, Yakutia, Russia

For the first time Labynkyr feature of the Yakuts saw in the nineteenth century. Unfortunately, story or proof of the existence of the monster are missing, but the monster managed to fix several scientific expeditions. In addition, the noise that emits Labinski hell, managed to record on film. Also, when using an echo sounder in the lake was found a huge shadow, which on the sizes does not fit any of the known fish. Local residents claim that the monster is very evil — chasing the fishermen, eating deer and dogs.

Besides the monster, where there is a will unfold and hide. Lake labynkyr is located at a height of over a thousand feet. A length of about fourteen kilometers, with a maximum depth — 60 meters. At the bottom of the famous lake are anomalous faults, which in places extend to a depth of nearly one hundred meters. But under the steep banks there are several underwater caves.

Lake Okanagan, Canada

Ogopogo is considered second only to Nessie, the legendary monster that glorified British Columbia. For the first time the monster was seen in 1958. Witnesses described his long slaydera, with the body, which resembles a barrel, a long neck and fins.

Loch ness, Scotland

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