“big lake”

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The cost of the tour per person. 1095$

The tour cost includes.

· Meeting – seeing off at the airport of Barnaul/Gorno-Altaisk

· Transfer across the territory of Russia (Barnaul-Tashanta-Barnaul)

· Transfer across the territory of Mongolia ( Olgii-Mongolia programme – Olgii )

· Russian g Varadero guide throughout the tour

· Chefs throughout the tour in Mongolia

· 3 – times meal per day ( Breakfast – Breakfast. About – lunch. At – dinner ) including drinking water

· Permission to travel in border areas

(1 night) hotel in Kosh-Agach,

The tour price does not include.

· Start/end of tour in Novosibirsk

· Breakfast 1st day / dinner 9 day

The tour program

Morning meeting at the airport of Barnaul. Travel along the ancient trade route-Chuysky tract through its highest point Seminskii pass (1739 m above sea level.m.) and picturesque, serpentine type a comfortable bus pass-Aman (1295 m above sea level.m.) in the valley of the river Chuya. Arrival at Kosh-Agach about 19.00. Meeting with representatives of the Mongolian tour operator. Overnight at guest house. (L, D )

Crossing Russian – Mongolian border. Lunch – picnic. Drive through mountain steppes to the lake acit (2-3 hours ).

Acit Nuur is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Mongolia. Here you can see stunning sunsets and sunrises. Good fishing for grayling. Lenka. Altai Osman and other fish. Around the lake is amazingly beautiful landscapes.

Overnight in yurts. ( Z. O. U )

Moving on South to the town of Khovd province (5-6 hours). Hovd was a trade center. located on the North silk Road. he linked Russia and China. In 1763 the Manchu administration built the fortress Sagem Cherem ( castle ). The area was enclosed by walls of height 3 m and width 2 m. All 18 Mongolian ethnic groups from the time of Genghis Khan live in Khovd province. Each group has preserved its distinctive traditions and culture. On the way to Khovd we will stop in the national Park Kharnas Nuur. WWF Mongolia pays special attention to this Park. There are two large lakes Kharnas Nuur basin and the Black lake. The Great lakes are the largest area of reed beds in Central Asia. there are many different species of birds. as well as the Saiga. a rare species of Wild boar. Snow leopard. Gazelle. wolves and etc. Overnight in yurts. ( Z. O. U )

Moving to lake Tolbo through the Western part of the massif Tsambagarav – Uul ( one of the highest mountains in Mongolia 4208m). Lake Tolbo has crystal clear drinking water. Are fishing. live in the lake and Osman Sultan.

After lunch. moving in with the family of a Kazakh nomad – the hunter with the Golden eagle near the lake Dayan. located near the border with China (4-5 hours). The next day fishing for grayling in the tributaries of the lake. Diane. Here is the biggest fish ( grayling ) was a length of 83 cm. Overnight in yurts. ( Z. O. U )

The move not far from the Western shores of Hurgan Nuur and khoton Nuur. where many nomadic Kazakh families spend summer. Driving along the lake. we will see. the old Kazakh mosque and some ancient stone stelae depicting the faces of the Turkic era. On the other hand, we see snow-capped mountains with forests. which are the border between China and Mongolia. Good fishing. Encamping on the Eastern shore of the lake near a small mountain. which is covered with petroglyphs.

You will also have the opportunity for good fishing for grayling and Osman. For even more fortunate for the white-headed fish. which reaches up to a meter long. Overnight in yurts. ( Z. O. U )

Transfer to the potatoes. Accommodation in the Yurt camp «Blue Wolf”. Kazakh dinner and folk concert. ( Z. O. U )

After Breakfast, drive to the Mongolian-Russian border. The passage of the border. Transfer to Tashanty. Meeting with representatives of the Russian tour operator. Transfer to the village of Chibit. Accommodation at an ECO tourist Complex “Nomad” in wooden houses. Facilities on-site. Dinner in the dining room. A visit to the baths. ( Z. O. U )

Day 9/Saturday. The tourist complex “Nomad” – Gorno-Altaisk – Barnaul

Breakfast. Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk. where You will visit the National Museum. A. V. Anokhin, one of its main exhibits – the mummy “Altai Princess”, was found on the Ukok Plateau. Lunch in the cafe. Transfer to Barnaul. Arrival around 19.30, hotel accommodation in double comfortable rooms. Dinner in the restaurant*. ( Z. O )

Day 10/Sunday

Transfer to the airport of Barnaul.

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