Finland. The Territory Of Finland. Finland - information about the country: geography, climate, flora and fauna. Map of Finland
Climate, flora and fauna The climate of Finland is temperate, transitional to continental. The Finnish climate is much milder than you might think, given its Northern location. The average temperature…

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Salt lake
The Bolsheviks succeeded in a relatively easy to solve the problem of conquest of power in the capital and in major industrial centers of Russia. But in the province, in…

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The lake is the Largest of Antarctica

Vostok is the largest lake of Antarctica. In the area of the Russian research station “Vostok” about 3750 metres from the surface of Antarctica is the largest lake in the East. Its length is 280 km, width reaches up to 80 km and the depth is 750 m. the Total area held by him, about 16 thousand km? It is situated in the rift zone.

Geography grade 8

a summary of other presentations

“The species of plants and animals of Africa” – Plants of the rainforest. Great job. Twilight in the rainforest. Vines. Animals. Rainforest. Plants and animals of the tropical forests of Africa. Okapi. Find the extra word. Ficus. Ferns. Was interested in the lesson. How many floors are there in the rainforest. What animals live in the rainforest of Africa. A coconut palm. Animals of the rainforest.

“Berlin” – Rasta winter. Berlin is located in Eastern Germany. Olympic stadium. Elephant gate of the Berlin zoo. The city lies in a moderate climatic zone. Berlin was the capital margraviate/electorate of Brandenburg. Berlin. One of the streets of Berlin. Old national gallery. The Bode Museum in Berlin. The Capital Of Germany. German Cathedral. The Berlin TV tower. Red Town Hall. Berlin state Opera.

“The largest rivers of Russia” – the Yenisei (Large Yenisei). Kolyma. Ob (with Irtysh). Indigirka. The largest rivers of Russia. Olenek. Don. The Irtysh. Pechora. Northern Dvina river (Russia). Name. The Amur river (Argun). Volga. Lena.

“Nature reserves of the Urals” – Amethyst Geode. Environmental problems in the Urals. Chrome garnet. All protected natural complex. The mistress of copper mountain. Kungur ice cave. Beryl. The River Chusovaja. Cinnabar. Tourmaline in quartz. The unique nature of the Urals. On the excavation. The creation of parks and protected areas. Native gold in quartz. Native copper. Ilmen reserve. The mineral reserve.

“Time zones of Russia” – European time. The boundaries of time zones. Time zones of Russia. The time within neighboring time zones. Time zones of Russia. On the calculation of time. San Francisco, CA. Russia time zone map. Local time. Winter and summer time. Waist time. Time zone. The plane. The dateline. The difference in time. Ulan-Ude. Moscow time. The Territory Of Russia. The plane departed from Moscow. The boundaries between time zones.

“Parks of Peterhof” – the English Park. The cottage was the summer residence of Nicholas I and his wife Alexandra. Colony’s Park. Romantic nature Park highlights and Ruin the bridge. What are the main differences between modern parks of Peterhof. Adam Menelaws. Holguin pavilion, built in 1846-1848. the Need in the home Church. Park Alexandria. Park Alexandria is located East of the Lower Park. Quarenghi built in the English Park besides the Palace, a lot of small buildings.


The Teletskoye lake
The largest and most famous lake in the Altai mountains. Fanned by many legends, is revered among the indigenous people. The lake is navigable, the depth up to 325 meters.…


Unique lake Boksitogorsky district, Leningrad region
The supply of fresh water Petrodvorets, Lomonosov, the red Village is due to extraction of groundwater. In particular, Krasnoselskii water system water is supplied from captaia, created on the basis…

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