The Witch lake and oak Pugachev

Curioso Turisto correspondent visited the reserve “Mari Chodra” and was convinced that journeys through unknown parts of Russia are fraught with many interesting and unexpected discoveries.

While exchange rates are hitting another record, and panic among the population is growing for all sorts of reasons, it’s time to escape from the hustle and bustle and plan a vacation or trip for a few days.

Crisis is not a reason to refuse travel. Moreover, do not forget that we live in the greatest country in the world. Residents of the two capitals are simply not aware of many places of recreation, popular in the region. It is about this place and will be my story.

“Mari Chodra” translated from the Mari language means “Mari forest”

The Republic of Mari El is part of the Volga Federal district. It borders with the Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod regions, the Republic of Tatarstan and Chuvashiya. It is in Mari El (or as locals say — in Marijke) is a beautiful natural Park “Mari Chodra”. It is located in the southeastern part of the Republic, near the border with Tatarstan. To get there from Kazan for a couple of hours.

“Mari Chodra” translated from the Mari language means “Mari forest”. The first question that arises is: who are the Maris? These people, for centuries lived in the forests? Meanwhile, Mari in our country over half a million people. They live mostly in the Volga region and the Urals. It may seem that Mari is similar to Tatars. But this is not true. Especially interesting is the fact that the Mari centrally and did not take any of the world religions.

Who are the Maris?

Mari — pagans. This nation unique in the fact that in this climate zone, no one lived in the forests on such a scale as his representatives. For the Tatars, Bashkirs and many Uralic peoples the forest has always been something frightening, mysterious and unknown. And Mari lived there entire villages. For their well-established fame of wizards and witches.

Previously, there was a secret area

The main attraction of the Park is a unique lake. Alicik, Deaf, Mushan-Yer, Conan-EP and other smaller ones. The water is so pure and transparent that it grow water lilies. But do not be deceived by the external innocence of the scenery. Forests in dense Marijke, lakes and rivers – deep.

Previously, there was a classified area. But now not everyone will find your way through the forest. Modern cards are almost there.

The disappeared village and the legend of the mermaid

Lake Conan-EP (or Witch of the lake) is located near maple mountain. The lake is karstic, which means very deep. One legend, long ago there was a village. Someone cursed her, and she fell flat funnel into the ground. Another legend says that she drowned herself in the lake, the Kazan beauty that had been forced to marry unloved. Local allegedly saw in the night a mermaid singing sad songs. Say, to this day, there at night you can hear someone singing.

People with weak energy better in this zone to avoid

Psychics believe that Conan EP has a special energy, and near the lake is an anomalous zone. People with weak energy better in this zone to avoid, otherwise it will take away their last forces. But those who have the excess energy, should come here, then the forest will take anything and the man will not do anything stupid.

Even without being psychic, the amazing energy of the Mari forests will feel every. Believe me, after a couple of hours in the woods you will feel something you never felt, think about what you previously never thought, let alone what to do – God only knows.

On maple mountain is an “oak of Pugachev”. Yeah, the, Yemelyan. According to the legend, Pugachev in the woods with a small group hiding from the Royal troops, which took place at the Kazan tract. Is this oak saw Pugachev, is not known. However, the tree is really very old and carefully protected by the Park staff as a valuable cultural object. This place is a real tourist pilgrimage. Fortunately, the ribbon on the tree not tied.

Around the lakes are found tents and tents

Perhaps, after my story you got the impression that Mari Chodra – deaf. But it is not so. Wide roads covered with sand and gravel. Foresters make on “UAZ” regular tour in the area. Around the lakes are found tents and tents with people, roasting kebabs, ear talking and Smoking hookahs.

Silence and no trash

In Mari of codra you won’t see mountains of garbage, will not hear loud music and shouting. Here nobody interferes with anyone. People care about nature. Campfires for cooking and in strictly designated areas. The reserve is equipped with special Parking. There are wooden boxes for garbage. Regularly clean the territory of the volunteers, so to come back here again and again. The cost of all this pleasure – 70 roubles a day per person.

For those who sleep in the tent or around the lake yalchik and in the village of maple mountain located recreation centers and sanatoriums. So you can live comfortably, visit a medical procedure, and into the woods to go only for a walk.

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