Unique lake Peach lake
In this lake you can't swim In it... not the fish... But in Peach lake you can walk... This is one of the most amazing lakes of our planet and…

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To go to the Crimea and to rejuvenate: near Kerch is a unique lake - Society - Official portal of Yekaterinburg
Official portal of Ekaterinburg continues a series of publications on useful for the mind and body out in Crimea. This time we will talk about the unique lake Chokrak with…

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The biggest lake in Africa

Lakes are sources of the largest rivers in Africa that provide water and lots of fresh fish inhabitants of the “dark continent”. They are home to unique aquatic and terrestrial species. Africa has some of the biggest lakes in the world – Victoria, Chad, in the centre of the continent, and Tanganyika, lying between the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia. Most large lakes in Africa are located along the continental fault known as the East African rift valley. Let us consider seven of the biggest lakes in Africa.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria (pictured) in East Africa located on the lands of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 69484 with an area of square kilometers, the lake size can be compared with Ireland. Victoria gets its water from many rivers, the largest is the Kagera. Water from the lake then drains into the river via the Owen falls, where hydroelectric power plants are artificial. It is the second largest freshwater lake in the world, where there are major ports, countless small fishing villages. Green grassy shore of Homa Bay, Kenya are the ideal base from which to explore the wildlife of lake Victoria. Crocodiles and hippos grazing on the shores, and boat trips allow you to see them in their natural habitat.

Ruma national Park is teeming with wildlife, including leopards, hyenas, baboons, Buffalo and giraffes. The lake supports a broad ecosystem of reefs and Islands many unique species of fish. Unlike most lakes, it has only one output for the source of the river Nile. The land around lake Victoria are densely populated, and the lake plays an important economic role in people’s lives. For tourists, sport fishing for Nile perch and bird watching are the main attraction of this natural wonder.

Lake Nyasa

African Great lakes are a series of lakes forming part of the water resource in the rift valley, East African rift, where the start of the river Nile and the Congo. Lake Nyasa also known as lake Malawi is the third largest lake system in the great rift valley, which is bordered by Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. Nyasa means in the Bantu language of “the lake”. There are more than 500 endemic species of fish. Local residents brought the predatory Nile perch, which destroyed the endemic species. The beaches in Malawi are famous tourist sights, while the beaches of Tanzania, for example, of Mathematical the beach, less developed.

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is among the ten largest freshwater lakes in the world and second deepest. The world’s longest and narrow, the lake is adjacent to the border of Tanzania and Democratic Republic of the Congo and also borders Burundi to the North and Zambia to the South. Warm, blue waters of the lake make it especially attractive to swimmers and lovers of sport fishing. The only outlet of lake Tanganyika is Lukuga river, which flows into the Congo river. This is a real home for hippos, crocodiles and many species of fish, of which nearly 200 are unique species of cichlids. But there are threats that affect African lake. Huge hydropower dams with extensive reservoirs block the routes of many migratory species such as fish and manatees.

Lake Albert

Lake albert, also known as Mobutu SES Seko, relatively shallow and reaches only 24 meters deep, is the fourth largest of the lakes in the rift valley. This is a significant source of river White Nile. Lake albert is located on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The lake is surrounded by steep mountains, so the banks albert sparsely populated, but there are interesting wildlife and forest nature, one of them Muchison Falls National Park.

Lake Chad

Lake Chad is the largest salt lake in North Africa and in the world by area and is strikingly shallow, only reaching 10 meters in the deepest point. Lake Chad is surrounded by arid desert, the Sahara. Actually, the exact dimensions of the lake vary widely from year to year, depending on local droughts. Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger share a border with the lake. For ornithologists, the lake Chad is a vital reserve.

Lake Natron

Lake Natron in Kenya is one of the most important wetland pond in Africa, international concern. This is the only place breeding populations of small flamingos. The basin of lake Natron is part of the ecosystem of the Serengeti. In 2001, the Ramsar Convention, the lake described by the following parameters: length 58 km, width 15 km, the depth is about 0.5 – 2 m, large amount of soda. The lake is now under serious threat from the government of Tanzania, which plans to produce soda ash.

Lake Ichkeul

Lake Ichkeul (Ichkeul) is one of the four major wetland resources in Africa, which were declared a world heritage site. National Park Ichkeul located on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, where their home in the winter are 250 000 ducks, geese and coots.

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