National characteristics of Indonesia

Indonesians are friendly and hospitable people. However, there is still a very large number of different local religious and cultural “taboos”. Because of this, foreign tourists should behave so that his behavior not to offend the local population.

For example, do not touch their head, which is a serious humiliation. This rule applies even children.

Here the left hand is considered “unclean”. For this reason, she can’t pass something and touch the source.

You should not show to the locals the finger. Not recommended for tourists to put one leg over the other or to set foot in someone’s side. This is due to the fact that the foot is also considered in Indonesia “unclean” body part. Not to shout and show anger on the people.

Foreign tourists should also follow some rules in clothing. In public places you should not wear shorts and skirts. On the beach not to sunbathe Topless. Clothing in state institutions and mosques should cover the knees. In Balinese temple entrance is allowed only in national costume. This costume can be rented in special shops located in front of the temples.

The country made only with your right hand and no Cutlery. The restaurants have forks and spoons, but no knives, because he was considered a symbol of aggression. Before and after eating the right hand should be washed in a special bowl of water and a slice of lemon.

In Indonesia there are very harsh laws against people who use and sell drugs. The locals for that are punishable by death. Foreign tourists can receive up to 20 years in prison.

In Jakarta there is a ban on Smoking in public places. Offenders can even be arrested for 6 months or they will have to pay a fine of 50 million rupees.

Indonesia has a low crime rate. However in the tourist areas quite often happen theft.

Children’s holiday in Indonesia:

To Indonesia to ride so well with children! But that tour has become for them a real holiday, you need to carefully select resorts. The beaches are good at any resort – the sand here is soft and crumbly, the entrance to the sea is almost everywhere flat. But the child, of course, the beach will be small. With this in mind, we recommend you to go to Kuta, where there is a huge water Park Waterbom Park and Spa, or head to the nursery for elephants. Children will be delighted visiting the zoo Bali Safari &Marine Park, where the content of hundreds of exotic animal species close to the natural conditions of their habitat. And, you can go on Dolphin island, which lies very close to O. the Bandages to see live dolphins.

What to do?

Beach vacation, diving, visits to parks, zoos, water parks, exciting and informative tour of volcanic hot springs in Bandung, racing bulls (island of Madura) and more!

The highlight of the country (to look at):

The Palace complex of the Sultan’s Kraton in Yogyakarta, a mountain Borobudur monastery (“the Temple of thousand Buddhas”), the Krakatau volcano in Bali, colorful unique lake O. Flores, museums resort Bandung in Indonesia You are waiting for these, and many other natural and man-made attractions.

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