Lakes of Italy

Today we will take a short tour of lakes in Italy. Here you will find a description of the largest lakes, such as Garda, Como and others.

Italian lake holidays is a special type of rest that is the most popular among tourists. But the true connoisseurs who are looking for tranquility, beauty, and unity with nature, will enjoy reading this short review.

First, of course, took the lake Garda. Many consider it a small sea, not a lake. This huge reservoir, which is located among the rocky mountains, is a classic example of a Mediterranean resort. Hot springs, surfing, horse riding, Golf, expensive hotels, the biggest disco in Europe – all this you will find here.

It can be noted that the activities on this lake is considered very prestigious and not many can afford a trip here. The province of Garda, famous for its wine and citrus plantations. Located on the shores of lake Garda, Italy sights, mainly the villages that exist only because of tourism. It is the most famous Sirmione (tourists come here for its curative mineral springs), and a little Fat (of the famous monuments of the reign of Mussolini), Desenzano (the only one that has a view of the whole length of the lake), romantic Malcesine (all the lovers hiding here), a noble of Verona (the resting place of emperors and rich families), sport Torbole (almost all Windsurfing competitions are held here).

Also on the lake there is a huge amusement Park. The locals call it the analog of the American Disneyland. Due to the fact that the Park is on a lake and most of the rides – water.

North Italy’s renowned lake Como. It is located near Milan, world capital of fashion, so you can imagine whose villas are on the shores of this natural wonder. Many celebrities have their houses (Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, Bellamy).

The lake is very deep (425 meters), surrounded by mountains that descend into the famous Alps, visible in the distance. Ecoturistica a Mecca for water sports enthusiasts. But are here and fans of the monuments, of which there has in abundance. Lake Como Italy attractions popular with local residences, which already for several centuries. For instance, the Villa Carlotta, with many gardens and fountains. On site is a Museum, and most annoying, is everywhere prohibited shooting. The famous Villa del balbianello which had to be lighted, as in “Star wars” and one of the parts about the secret agent James bond (“Casino Royale”), is also located here. The Villa Melzi in his time owned Stendahl himself. Because of this, it is always possible to meet fans of the great writer.

On the mount of Ossuccio, located lakeside, is 15 chapels, which are listed in the UNESCO list. The mountain itself is Holy for Christians. And, of course, as mentioned above, the lake from all over the world attracts lovers of sailing, kite surfing, Windsurfing. Not last place is occupied and “the rich” sports (because of the inhabitants of the coast) – tennis, Golf.

It is also worth noting that a lake, Iseo, which is located only 50 kilometers from Garda. It differs by altitude. Being high in the mountains, the lake is always cool even in the hottest summer.

Lake Maggiore is also very picturesque, it is located on the border with Switzerland and absorbs the culture of the two great countries.

Famous is lake Albano, and is located on the shore of eternal summer residence of the Pope.

Also in Italy is popular and the famous volcanic lakes, which are located in the craters of volcanoes, however, are already extinct. Their main mass is close to Rome.

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