The largest lake of Maine – Lake Mushed (Moosehead Lake)
Lake Mushed is the largest in Maine, USA. It is located among the peaks of Longfellow and is buried in the forests that surround it. Here originates the river Kennebec.…

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Holiday on lake Zapolska
Vladimir region. The nature of this region — one of the most beautiful in Russia. The reserved forests of Meshchora, where grow in abundance mushrooms and berries, crystal clear lakes…

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ExtremeGuide – Hike to the foot of Belukha


To submit a request.

Agree on the details.

Prepayment 30%.

Payment and preparation of equipment.

Start of the hike.

Day 1 — a Meeting of the group in Novosibirsk. The opportunity to purchase everything you need for a hike, or take the missing gear for rent. Familiarity with group and instructor. Check out the custom car for the start of the route — the village of Tyungur. Transfer Novosibirsk — Tungur 900 km – about 15 hours, leaving late in the evening. Also a possible meeting of the participants in Barnaul/Biysk (in advance).

If you arrive earlier or depart later than the scheduled timetable, if necessary will reserve a place for You at the hotel.

Day 2 — Transfer to Tungur village. Accommodation in a tent camp or home. Preparation of equipment, products to a two-day trip through valley of river Akkem.

Day 3 — Beginning of the active part of the route. The transfer Tungur – the kuzuyak pass (1513 m) – the meadow “Three birches”. Overnight in tents in the Parking lot “Three birches”. To save forces sometimes use the vehicle to drive to Parking lot “Three birches”. This is a separate adventure! If we use transport – overnight stay at comfortable accommodation for a camp on the Creek near the glacier waterfall tekelu. Transition 18 km (if not invasion) or 10 km (if moving).

Day 4 — Trekking to the famous Akkem lake (2100 m). Easy and beautiful trail along the river Akkem. Open panorama on the massif of Belukha. Setting up camp on the shore of the Akkem lake. On request we can arrange baths on the lake.

Day 5 — Radial hike to the Akkem glacier. Approach to the glacier begins with a crossing of the river Akkem river on a bridge at the end of the lake. Climbing the rocks along the river Akkem. Visit the observation deck at the grotto of the glacier from where originates the river Akkem. Access to the glacier, great views of the Akkem wall and the two peaks of Belukha East and West. The descent down.

Day 6 Radial trek to the lake of Mountain Spirits. This mountain lake is situated at an altitude of 2600 m in the branch valley of the Kara-Oyuk (translation — “black valley”). The lake is associated with many legends. In the evening come back to camp on AK-Kem lake.

Day 7 – the Radial light output to yarlu ravine welcome back to back to the clearing. Many people believe that the area of lake AK–Kem and the ravine yarlu extraordinary power. Here you can find and hermits, and people who claim that they saw UFOs, here built an entire city of stone people coming from all over the world to meditate at the foot of the sacred mountain Belukha.

Day 8 – visit to the valley of Seven lakes.It offers a magnificent view on the massif of Belukha and the Akkem wall, and above the valley rises the peak of AK-Oyuk (“White mountain”) with “hanging” glacier. In the valley there are seven lakes of different colours – from dark blue to bright turquoise. These lakes represent the seven spiritual channels. Also in molinengo Alpine meadows with blooming Edelweiss. If you’re lucky, the mountains will reveal their wealth, and you are lucky enough to find raw natural rock crystal from the valley of the “Seven lakes”. Return to AK-Kem lake.

Day 9 – Radial output of the pass Karatyurek (3 060 m). From the pass overlooking the lake AK-Kem, both peaks of Belukha, yarlu gorge, valley of river Akkem. The pass is technically simple (1A), but with a big climb.

Day 10 – Spare day in case of bad weather.

Day 11 – crossing the Akkem lake – waterfall tekelu – meadow “Three birches”. Overnight in tents. If you decide to use the transport to Tunguru from camp “Three birches” the next day, then this day will only transition to the waterfall tekelu.

Day 12 – Transition Polyana “Three birches” – the kuzuyak pass (1513 m) Tungur village. Evening departure. Transfer Tungur village — Novosibirsk.

Day 13 — arrival in Novosibirsk at 16:00. Tickets for the return journey from Novosibirsk is better to take with a stock over time, starting from 19.00.

Mileage: About 100 km.


The program is not final and may be adjusted depending on weather, condition and other factors.

Note: Important! The hike takes place in the border zone. Non-residents of Russia it is necessary to issue passes to the border zone, not later than 2 months prior to participation in the campaign. The citizens of Russia to get the permit is no longer needed.


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