Volcanic lake
Volcanic lake is considered one of the wonders of nature. Because their nature is in truth paradoxical – huge bodies of water, born of fire and heat. Volcanic crater lake…

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The Amazing lake of a thousand Islands in China Forum on Dao De
  There are so many amazing places, and this was the result of human activity. Known for its crystal clear water, Qiandao Lake, or thousand Islands, appeared in 1959, as…

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The Teletskoye lake

The largest and most famous lake in the Altai mountains. Fanned by many legends, is revered among the indigenous people. The lake is navigable, the depth up to 325 meters. Motor access to the lake is only in three places, the main part of the shore inaccessible cliffs, where no foot may tread. Most attractions can be seen only from the water by boat.

Teletskoye (or Altyn-Kul, Altynkul, Altynkol, Golden lake; winout. Altyn Kel) is a lake situated in the South of Western Siberia, in Turochaksky and Ulagan districts of the Altai Republic.

Name Teletskoye (Tiele, Teletskoe) the lake received about 400 years ago by Russian explorers, because on its banks dwelt Turkic tribes telesy (in the literature there is a widespread misconception that the name comes from the word “Teleuts”). The local people from time immemorial his name was Altyn-Kol, the Golden lake. The Mongols called the lake Altan-Nuur, in the Chinese geography it is known as the Altai or Arty.

The climate in the valley of lake Teletskoye continental; and in the opposite ends of the climatic characteristics differ from each other. For example, in the southern part of the Teletskoye lake, in an average of 4-5 degrees warmer, but in the Northern part of the falls twice precipitation. Here occurs a rare but very dangerous phenomenon — the rock heated during the day at night, cooling down, “shoot” stones.

In winter, the latitudinal part of Teletskoe lake (from Artybash to the Cape of aji, more narrow and shallow) is covered by ice, and meridional, deep freezes rarely, on average once every three years. Ice on Teletskoe lake is very shallow near the coast at a depth of 5-6 meters freely viewed the bottom.

For the lake in the spring and autumn characteristic the wind, raising great waves and surf, making it almost impossible navigation and landing ashore from the boats. “Nizovka” -the wind in the latitudinal direction of Artybash. “Verhovka” — wind in the meridional direction from the mouth of the Chulyshman.

Teletskoye lake — one of the most visited places in the Altai Republic. Vacationers take 18 tourist camps and campgrounds. Conducted pedestrian, water, Cycling, air and road trips. In addition, many tourists come to the lake for fishing.

In the Soviet times was very popular route 77. With the route, except the walking part, consisted of three days on boats on the lake.

From villages at the Northern end of the lake (Artybash. Ogac ) in the navigation season there are boats and Motorboats to a few local attractions:

The waterfall Korba (Visit with permission of the administration AGPS. Is issued on the spot.)

Stone Bay (In local legend — a round crater from the meteorite on the left Bank. The real reason for the formation of a landslide from a nearby mountain)

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