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The journalists said. founder «Vkontakte» Pavel Durov received citizenship in popular offshore — Saint Kitts and Nevis. The country has a very flexible policy: it is enough to invest $250,000 in a local factory. Durov did, invest money in the Sugar Fund.

In world there are a lot of areas with favorable taxation, which are not easy to find on the globe. Most of them such financial policies have yielded significant dividends. Interested entrepreneurs gladly serve the local lawyers, and sometimes the services of such an expert — a mandatory condition for the registration of securities. But mostly the inhabitants of these countries to the business have no relation, they are employed in the sectors of agriculture and tourism.

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from 42 000 rubles

These two Islands in the Eastern Caribbean sea for several centuries been a British colony, and in 1983 became a Federation and an independent member of the British Commonwealth.

Year-round average air temperature is +26 °C. the Rainy season there, but occur destructive tropical storms. Generally, from August to October.

Agriculture — the main economic engine of the country. It’s covered with palm forests, where it is easy to find tropical birds and monkeys, fruit orchards, sugarcane plantations and cotton. Most developed sugar industry. Local Fund sugar industry invests in entrepreneurship, sports, education and art projects.

On Saint Kitts and Nevis mostly profess Anglicanism and Methodism. Almost one hundred percent of the population literate. After school local continuing education branch of the University of the West Indies, teacher training and technical colleges.

The country relies on tourism, because there is something to see. Forbes magazine in 2007 made the list of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. Mount Liamuiga, located on Saint Kitts, took second place. To plunge into a volcanic lake, tourists make their way through a bamboo forest. To increase the flow of travelers, Diabetes Fund invests in the development of hotel business.

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