Lake Louise – the gem of Canada

Lake Louise is a magnificent natural wonder, which is located in Canada, in the remarkable Banff National Park. This area of Canada is famous for scenic places, great variety of wild animals and vegetation, the beautiful ski slopes and well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Real decoration of the Park is a wonderful lake. which lies at an altitude of 1646 meters. The size of it – half a kilometer wide and is almost 2km in length. Gave rise to the birth of lake massive glaciers located in this area.

Waters of lake Louise are incredibly pure emerald in color, which appeared thanks to local rock, which has melted glaciers and brought down from the mountains into the lake. That’s why the original name of the lake sounded like an Emerald.

Why the lake changed its name?

Beautiful pond, which is known to all among the Rocky mountains, not long was called, reflecting his extraordinary color of the water. The modern name is Louise it was in honor of the lovely Louise, who was the daughter of Queen Victoria, ruling in England. Smart and beautiful girl was married to the Governor of Canada, whose name was John Lorne Campbell.

And, although, in Canada, she has lived absolutely not for long, but during this time managed to make a significant contribution to the development of the country, was interested in and helped to solve the problems of the local population. Even fleeing from the country, Louise followed closely how things are going in her beloved Canada. So, the decision to rename the lake in her honor was balanced and reasonable. The lake is as wonderful as the girl.

Relax at a wonderful lake

The tourists, who arrive on canadian land, I wish to visit this beautiful lake. There are created the best conditions for a beautiful and meaningful rest. Near the pond there are comfortable hotels, many tourist facilities, restaurants, shops.

The terrain is very well deal with not only different kinds of winter sports, but also to make across the plains and slopes of the Rocky mountains Cycling, horse riding, Hiking through winding trails among the pines and firs. You can play tennis, Golf, rafting, to experience the full power of canadian rivers. Want something exotic – try amazing feelings while riding on a dog sled. Rocky mountains – a Paradise for climbers, who find plenty of trails for climbing.

The lake, named after the beautiful girls is a place where people can commune with nature. Here are the natural attractions. For Example, The Great Watershed. At this point the powerful stream of water are separated, to go our separate ways. One thread in Pacific and another in Atlantic ocean. Tourists will encounter several wonderful waterfalls, among which is the majestic Takakkaw Falls, the third in Canada.

Unique in its beauty and form of the Johnston canyon amazes everyone who comes here. It is very narrow, its walls are composed of ancient limestone, which hundreds of millions of years! In winter, when the waterfalls freeze, the landscape here is just fabulous, where visitors are greeted with gleaming frozen columns, formed from amazing sparkling ice incredible shades of blue.

Lake Louise is a place that is visited by lovers of pristine beauty, newlyweds who want to honeymoon amongst stunning scenery. Thousands gather in surroundings of Banff National Park, lake fans of different sports, climbers, travelers who feel lucky to be in this amazing place. The ski resort located there, festivals and holidays, many sports competitions and competitions for best ice sculpture.


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