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The biggest lake in the world – Semenovsky Vestnik

Our country is amazing, impresses with its vastness and beauty. Every region, city, village has its own history, culture, nature. Russia has so many places worthy of admiration, and many of them are truly wonders of the world – unique and unique in the world. Lake Baikal is one of such places. About the trip to him and want to tell.

M th a journey to lake Baikal began from Nizhny Novgorod airport. Direct flights to Irkutsk no – flight was through Moscow. Five hours flight from the capital of our Motherland, and you are in Irkutsk. The airport of the Siberian city meets welcome: Souvenirs, herbal teas, healing balms and gems for every taste.

To lake Baikal is still far. No, of course, compared to Moscow, close is some 100-120 km away. Everything in our world is relative. Let’s not waste time and go in search of transport that will take us to the largest and deepest lake in the world. From Irkutsk, the nearest town, which offers the beauty of lake Baikal is Listvyanka. It can be reached by bus or taxi. I wanted a quiet location to observe local nature, and I chose the latter. A trip to Listvyanka lasted about an hour, and I caught myself thinking that the local nature is very similar to ours. If I didn’t know that I was five thousand miles away from home, I’d think that the food from Nizhniy Novgorod to Semenov – the same mixed forests, only maybe the trees are higher, the same small villages with cows in the meadow and chickens in the yards.

When you drive up to the lake, everything changes. At the entrance is located in Listvyanka Baikal Museum of Irkutsk scientific center of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which reflects all the sights of lake Baikal. Is and aquarium with lakes ‘ inhabitants, and the class with microscopes to see the microbes that live in the depths of Baikal, a room with a huge screen to monitor the life of the Baikal seal (this is one of three freshwater species of seal endemic to lake Baikal) in real-time, and virtual bathyscaphe, which plunges you to the bottom of the lake and shows its beauty from within. Also there are presented the achievements of the researchers of the lake, immortalized the names of the scientists and the walls are decorated with photographs research expeditions. To walk around the Museum very interesting, and if I had more time, I would have stayed there all day, but I had to return to Irkutsk, so we had to hurry.

Left the Museum, walked just 300 metres, and here it is – the biggest lake in the world! This is truly an indescribable sight. What I saw cannot be expressed by words: storm of emotions, the soul is singing in my head thoughts are mixed. One thing is for sure – it is worth to go to the edge of the world, is to transport their children there, for everybody to feel proud for themselves, for their country and see the Majesty of nature. The vast expanse of water merges with the sky, in the distance are the mountains, where the peaks of the snow in June, pure, clear water and an amazing smell of freshness. This is fascinating. Embankment Listvyanka is big enough, and the walk along it at a leisurely pace may take two or three hours.

Walking along the waterfront, I went to the local market. And there’s what smells! Baikal omul – and cold Smoking, and hot, and cured and dried, and big and small, how to resist – must try! Yummy – “otesh mind,” as said by our grandmothers.

Well, refreshed – we must go further. Also on the waterfront is the aquarium. Yes, many have heard and visited the Dolphinarium, and the Baikal seal. The main heroes there are the seal, and the view, I tell you, no worse than the dolphins: they sing and dance, and draw pictures – a feast for the eyes.

As the day ends, and I still have to get back. So – in the gift shop for memorable gifts for friends and family, and – in a way. Irkutsk airport – home…

But no, from Irkutsk I went to the largest city of Siberia – Novosibirsk. A modern metropolis with huge streets, wide roads and amazing places.

The first thing that struck me in Novosibirsk, are proteins. They live in the city, as we have pigeons, the same manual: jump down, stretch, squeeze front paw and look at you. But in the eyes of the question: “What, not even something to eat?” I was not prepared for such an eventuality and are not stocked with nuts, and therefore have not earned the respect of whites, – if you stay near me, she quickly uprygal more welcoming to visitors to the city Park, and a toddler generously gave her nuts. Situated in Novosibirsk zoo, in 2008, became the finalist of competition “Seven miracles of Russia”, so the journey I continued there. He is really big, lots of variety of animals and birds represented there, most of this diversity, I was struck by maral. Such majestic, proud, with amazing eyes and a beautiful gait. Besides animals, the zoo has plenty of fun for children and adults. Bored there will not be exact. One of them “bringing down the House” – the room where everything is turned on its head. I have to say, the man with unstable vestibular apparatus would be difficult. Visual illusion, as if you walk on the ceiling, gives the brain conflicting signals, and head starts to spin, but a couple of shots to do I did.

The time spent interesting and useful. We must move on forward into new uncharted territory. And so, again, the airport is on a small home, i.e., home, to create new itineraries for adventurous journeys.

Once again convinced that Russia is an amazing country to travel is not only fun, but also development, new knowledge, positive emotions and the charge of the spirit and power. It’s exciting, and you just can’t stop. You again are drawn to the unknown distance to have Breakfast on the lake, lunch in Moscow and dinner at home in his native Semenov and a Cup of tea, remembering the journey, get an extra helping of drive!


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