The Lake of Plastira - Thessaly Switzerland
Map Lake Plastira - Thessaly Switzerland Lake Plastira (the official name of the Tavropos ) is an artificial lake . located in the mountains of Thessaly (kardítsa district), at an…

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My America. Great lakes - the largest lake of the world all together contain less water than the lake - VOICES MY AMERICA
Great lakes (Fig. Great Lakes, FR. Grands Lacs) — a Grand natural system of freshwater lakes in North America, in the U.S. and Canada. Includes a number of large and…

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Salt lake

The Bolsheviks succeeded in a relatively easy to solve the problem of conquest of power in the capital and in major industrial centers of Russia. But in the province, in remote areas of the Soviet power had to withstand the resistance that took military forms, and only now the task of overcoming and suppressing the resistance is over in its main features. Russia won by the Bolsheviks.

Historical note:

“By order of Peter the great Lieutenant Mizgir with a detachment of Cossacks in 1714 arrived in the Minusinsk district to protect the Salt lake. First were built the barracks and guard house on the North side of the lake, and then several years later, colonized and established the settlement Outpost. Over a number of years Lieutenant Mizgir was transferred to field units, and then to the General staff, where he served for a long time. At the age of 68 years in the rank of General when retiring back to the village Outpost to his home, where he lived the last years of his life.”

Let’s say that the village eventually turned into a Cossack village, and on equal rights existed and the first name “Outpost”, and later the name of the village – Alanosine, yet historic this place was called the farm “Budennovsk”. Simply and tastefully. Let us say immediately that the Cossacks (and later Russian peasants-immigrants) can easily co-exist and even mixed up by marriage with the indigenous population of these places from Minusinsk (Abakan) by the Tatars, which now usacasinos the name of the Khakass people.

Moreover, one of the modern Khakases in conversation with me asserted that Peter the great sent a detachment of Cossacks under the application of the local population, that is, of the Khakass people (well, maybe the wealthy of this nation) who saw that the salt extracted from the lake, is plundered.

By the way, “Brockhaus and Efron”: “Minusinsk steppe or the lake – the Yenisei gubernia, Minusinsk district, located in the Western part of the County, on the Western slope of the mountains, Chulym in 5 versts from the right Bank of the Big YUS and C. Selenosis. (Apparently, the error. There is a river the Black and White YUS YUS. Therefore, it is not about the Big YUS, and YUS White, which really stands the village of Solenostemon.)

The same dictionary of the Minusinsk Tatars, now called the nation: “. the Turkic tribes, migrating in the minusa district of the Yenisei province on both banks of the Abakan, in the corner formed by the West the Kuznetsk mountains, and from the South of the Sayan ridge. engaged in cattle-breeding, agriculture and hunting. Although (they are) Christians, but shamans are still respected. Among their settlements a lot of stone sculptures of the Mongolian type. revere them as their ancestors, smear your mouth with butter and sour cream. In their submissions to the sky in a large Yurt living God on earth fly spirits of fire, water, mountains and animals, and under the earth lives hell Erlik-Khan, host of the shamans and their followers. At the burial of the deceased, with it placed vital supplies, a bridle, saddle and lasso. The shamans sing their prayers iambic verses, and every four verses of beat the drum four to sixteen times: diamonds features a picture depicting the universe, separated by three features, i.e. land, heaven-high soaring beyond the world and the underworld. Many Proverbs, interpretations of dreams, mysteries, tales and legends. Many of the tales are similar to Russians.”

Part of the story, I mean from the epic poem “Altyn Chus” (something like Khakas Iliad), which I was lucky enough to present in English:

That was when the beginning began,

When our mother earth arose.

Peaks with white snow, rose

And stood firm, and did not hesitate.

Streams waterfalls hanging down,

The gorge and the riverbed itself was struck.

Across the smooth plains they fled,

In a wide river, they turned.

They turned to the deep river.

The adornment of the earth was forever.

Among the black earth creating patterns,

Low places formed lakes.

But black long the earth remained,

Everywhere the grass it struggled.

Leaves green and shining needles,

The hills wore the grass is young.

Opened to life a wide door

Flowers covered granite boulders.

In the forest inhabited by different animals.

In lakes and rivers fish are blissfully happy.

And steppe glamorous and green

Herds of grazing filled.

Careful there horses graze,

Cows wander there slowly.

Countless sheep scurrying,

All the food they currently are.

And the vastness of the white sea

A great many people live.

There are so many people,

Even that housing for all is not enough.

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