Big Almaty lake
  Big Almaty lake (KZ. Lken Almaty KL) is located in the gorge of the Bolshaya Almatinka river on the height of 2511 m above sea level and 28,5 km…

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The Amazing lake of a thousand Islands in China Forum on Dao De
  There are so many amazing places, and this was the result of human activity. Known for its crystal clear water, Qiandao Lake, or thousand Islands, appeared in 1959, as…

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My America. Great lakes – the largest lake of the world all together contain less water than the lake – VOICES MY AMERICA

Great lakes (Fig. Great Lakes, FR. Grands Lacs) — a Grand natural system of freshwater lakes in North America, in the U.S. and Canada. Includes a number of large and medium-sized reservoirs, connected by rivers and Straits. An area of about 245,2 thousand km², the volume of water is 22.7 thousand km³.

To actually five Great lakes include the largest: Upper, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario. They are associated with several medium-sized lakes, the most important of which are the St. Marys, St. Clair, Nipigon. These lakes belong to the basin of the Atlantic ocean. Stoke on the St. Lawrence river. On the formation of lake basins are significantly influenced by tectonic processes. The weight of the glacier pushed the earth’s crust, and after the glacier melted away, she slowly began the process in reverse: post-glacial uplift, which is also very noticeable in the area of the Gulf of Bothnia and Finland. The water mass of lakes formed by the melting of the glacier. North coast Great lakes South rises faster, which leads to the effect of “transfusion” water and slow the flooding of land in the South.

Developed shipping and fishing. Through channels formed by water route for ships with a length of about 3,000 km of the Great lakes are linked by canals with the Hudson river and swimming pool of the Mississippi river.

The main ports of Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Toronto.


Lakes are one of the Earth’s largest concentrations of fresh water, second in this indicator, however, even taken all together, lake Baikal. They are linked by rivers and canals and so the water as if flows from one to the other. Lake superior is the largest freshwater lake of the world, and the lesser of five — Ontario — the largest in Europe Ladoga lake. The average depth of them, not being very big, all that exceeds the mean depth of the Baltic and North seas.

The name of the Upper lake speaks for itself. The lake — the largest freshwater lake in the world, with an area of 82,4 thousand km². Has stock in lake Huron by the river Saint MERIS.

Huron — the second largest lake in the Great lakes and the third largest freshwater lake in the world, occupying about 60 thousand km². The Straits of Mackinac connects lake St. Clair and the river Detroit — with lake Erie.

Michigan — the fourth largest freshwater lake in the world — 58 thousand km². A navigable canal connects to the Mississippi system. Sometimes lake Michigan and Huron are considered as a whole (together with the river Saint MERIS). Supporters of this view rely on the fact that lake Michigan and Huron form a single hydrological unit: their levels are the same, they are connected by the Strait is 40 m deep and 8 km wide at the narrowest point. With such consideration the size of lake Michigan-Huron exceeds 117 thousand km², making it the largest freshwater reservoir of the planet and the second largest lake after Caspian sea.

Erie — the tenth-largest freshwater lake in the world, with an area of approximately 26 thousand km². The Niagara river and the Welland canal connected lake Ontario, a shipping channel — with the Hudson river.

Ontario — the smallest largest lake in the Great lakes, with an area of about 20 thousand square kilometers of the St. Lawrence River connected to the Atlantic ocean.

Before waste paper and other factories were dumped into these lakes. Initially was significantly polluted lake Erie, it is all covered with mud, lost many valuable fish. The government has allocated significant funds for the clean lakes. The lake is now clean again.

The great lakes are very important objects of recreation and navigation.

The Great lakes region includes not only the five main lakes, but numerous small lakes and rivers, and about 35 thousand Islands.

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