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Unique lake Peach lake

In this lake you can’t swim In it… not the fish… But in Peach lake you can walk…

This is one of the most amazing lakes of our planet and it is situated on the island of Trinidad. It consists of… asphalt. And asphalt of high quality. They cover the road the islanders, and they are not alone. For example, one of the most symbolically Laden roads of the world — Avenue pall Mal in London which leads to Buckingham Palace is lined with natural asphalt from Peach lake.

Hundreds of tons of natural asphalt is scooped out of the Peach lake annually, but its level is not reduced: underground asphalt “plant” is running strong, making up for something that takes people.

The surface of the lake supple and oily, if you try to “scoop up” his “water,” she pulled thick strands of tar. This lake cannot be called a fixed – it passes its life, however, very similar to life in other lakes.

In the depths of the Peach lake always something bubbling. And here on the surface of the slowly diverge to the shore from the center of the strange thick waves, when a new piece of tar rises from the depths. Or it suddenly starts to bubble – up to the surface from the depths of sulfurous gases.

The lake is known since ancient times. Even Walter Raleigh, English Navigator and organizer of the pirate expeditions of the sixteenth century, used local asphalt to cover the hull of his ship and noted with satisfaction that he is better than tar, since it does not melt in the sun.

The asphalt lake on the view is so dense that it can be used for its intended purpose — to walk in it, and even ride. The filling of the lake is a non-Newtonian liquid, i.e. a liquid, dense with a sharp loads, but if the load is soft, the asphalt mass will be too soft. Therefore, we should not delude ourselves — it is able to insidiously absorb, say, beast, naively wandered on shaky ground. When the asphalt was extracted from Peach lake, found in the depths of his bones once swallowed by the lake of the dinosaurs.

How is it possible such a strange phenomenon? It turns out that the basin at the depth of about 80 meters, a former crater of a volcano, and now connected with his mouth. And oil, slowly rising to the surface, loses some of the volatiles. And then, reacting with organics, different ways fall into the “water” of the lake, becoming thereby the substance, which is so profitable and convenient to cover the road.

Asphalt lakes, which are the weathering product of the accumulated oil, also known in California, in the area of the red sea, in Turkmenistan, on the island of Cheleken in the other. On Sakhalin island there are a few known asphalt lakes, one of which has an area of about 3 hectares.

Such lake asphalt have been known for a long time, and the asphalt was used in construction works. The city of Babylon in the VI–VII century BC was surrounded by a wall, the construction of which as a cementing material was applied asphalt mined in the red sea region. It is established that many centuries BC, asphalt was used in India for device pools, because the asphalt bottom and walls of swimming pools is impervious to water.

Oddly enough, the lake is a tiny island, on which grow even puny trees. Apparently, in the pockets between the layers of bitumen have accumulated over the years that became, over time, the soil capable of giving life to plants even in such a strange, seemingly uninhabitable place.

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