Carinthia — the most southern Federal state of Austria on the border with Italy and Slovenia. Here the favorable climate, beautiful nature and, most importantly, developed tourist infrastructure. The ski…

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The Lake of Numto
Western Siberia, on the border of the Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous districts, there is an amazing place – a unique national Park Numto. A miracle of light, almost a virgin…

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The largest lake of Maine – Lake Mushed (Moosehead Lake)

Lake Mushed is the largest in Maine, USA. It is located among the peaks of Longfellow and is buried in the forests that surround it. Here originates the river Kennebec.

For a long time this area was uncharted. It was opened by Henry David Thoreau, when he investigated these places with guides-Indians. It happened in the middle of the XVIII century. After nearly a century it has built several hotels for the rich tourists who tend to be very secluded and peaceful rest. Beautiful wild nature, clear water of the lake and forest air is the best suited for this.

Until recently the lake was Mushed so-called “local secret”, open only for the initiated. It was visited by residents of nearby towns, as well as extreme skiers and sports fans hard-core. Gradually, however, the lake Mushed and the surrounding area began to develop as a tourist center. And today it is very popular among tourists. Every visitor will find here beautiful landscapes, and relaxing in this area will distract from city vanity and noise of the metropolis.

For maximum comfort of tourists to travel to the lake are special routes from the cities of Bangor and Portland, and it won’t take travelers more than two hours. Here you can find entertainment for every taste. It is possible to enjoy a calm boat ride or Canoeing, and the entire countryside stretched tracks, both for beginners and for professional’

‘tions of cyclists. If you want you can take a horse ride. Fans of extreme sports can go down on rafts on the pond, and in winter with snow-covered mountain peaks or climb on them at snowshoe. In addition, everyone can hunt and fish. Nature lovers will be able to dedicate time to bird watching and wild animals. In the surrounding area there are several tennis courts and Golf courses. Camping, winter sleigh rides pulled by dogs, sightseeing Hiking, winter fishing – it all awaits all who come to relax on the lake Mushed.

In addition, there are a lot of entertaining and educational activities: the annual meeting of the “Friends of the waterfront” Wilson, Fair the Church of St. Joseph, Days of forest heritage, a exhibition, an annual chocolate festival and many others. Lake Mushed will give an unforgettable vacation for everyone who decides to visit it is truly a Paradise at any time of the year.